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Anyline will showcase its unique scanning solutions for the smart manufacturing and logistics sectors at the Rethink! Smart Manufacturing Conference from 30 September until 1 October in Berlin.

Business Developer Philipp Parrer will give two presentations on Monday at 11:50 on how Anyline can easily optimize processes within both the logistics and smart manufacturing spheres. He will also be joined on site by Anyline CRO Matthias Gasser.

Visit the Rethink! Smart Manufacturing website to download the agenda here.

Want the inside scoop? Download the Anyline Smart Factory white paper here, and also check out how tool and machine manufacturer Tyrolit streamlined their digitization process, and CargoSnap track their containers anywhere in the world – by simply implementing Anyline scanning solutions.

Anyline + Smart Manufacturing: Identify parts anywhere in your process

Metal manufacturing and transport often requires multiple forms of ID marking, such as 2D codes and RFID tags. But with Anyline scanning, you can identify parts by simply scanning the part number, LOT or serial number engraved on each metal piece.

Versatile and accurate, Anyline integrates into your existing rugged or embedded devices. It works in situations where RFID tags or barcodes cannot, such serial numbers on curved surfaces, or where the manufacturing process would expose the piece to high temperatures. 

Avoid marker duplication and instantly identify every part in your chain with Anyline metal scanning.

Anyline + Logistics: Your Supply Chain, Secured. Anywhere in the World.

Anyline keeps your products moving, and your products accounted for, any place and any time.. 

Every second counts at the container terminal, and even short delays can be extremely costly. But with Anyline on their mobile devices, your workforce can keep the supply chain going by instantly scanning the BIC codes and UIC wagon numbers as soon as they arrive at the container terminal. 

What’s more, Anyline scanning lets you manage containers throughout your supply chain with confidence. Your workforce can instantly scan the documents and BIC codes of your containers and send updates from anywhere in the world. Scanning is not only faster, but more accurate than manual data entry, so you can be sure your containers are safe.

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