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Use Cases


ID for know your Customer Program

Your customers can use Anyline to scan their ID or Passport MRZ for instant access to online and in-bank services. Our secure solution is 20x faster than manual data entry and removes the need for form fills. Add Anyline to your processes and optimize the banking experience for your customers.


ID for Account Opening

You can make opening an account simple for new customers with Anyline. Customers can scan their IDs and send secure uploads to your backend. This process is 20x faster than manual data entry and creates a smoother customer experience during initial onboarding.


Document Scanner for Finances

You can scan sensitive financial documents with Anyline in a secure manner. Anyline works without an internet connection so none of your data needs to visit the cloud. Plus, Anyline scans all kinds of documents in an instant so it’s much faster than creating digital copies of your most sensitive financial data.

Success Stories


Scalable Capital IBAN scanning

Scalable Capital wanted to have the best onboarding solution possible for their app. As they required ID and IBAN info from users, they decided to integrate Anyline to optimise their onboarding processes.


mySugr Scan Displays

mySugr users are required to record the results of their medical checks up to 10 times a day. Integrating Anyline made it easy to record results, creating a more streamlined UX and providing mySugr with accurate data.


cashpresso scan IBAN

Cashpresso lets users quickly borrow money. After integrating Anyline, users can scan the IBAN from their bank card, rather than typing a sometimes 34-digit code. This saves time, improving one of the core benefits of the app.