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Transportation & Automotive

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Documents for Know Your Customer Program

Offer remote identity verification to your customers with Anyline. They can perform their own ID scan and check it against your backend with their mobile device. Scanning is secure, accurate and works 20x faster than manual data entry and form filling.

Check-in at Airports

Improve the airport experience by scanning passport MRZs via mobile device during check-in. Scanning MRZs is 20x faster than performing traditional manual data entry and more accurate. This will reduce waiting times and make your processes more efficient.

License Plate Scanning for Car Services

You can rent cars and vehicles to customers from remote locations using Anyline. Customers can scan their ID and upload their details to your backend from anywhere with an internet connection. This reduces friction in the user experience and optimizes your processes.

Success Stories

Porsche Leipzig Success Story

Porsche brought an interactive element to their exhibition with Anyline. Visitors can scan the license plates of the vehicles on display to get more information about the cars and when they were built.