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Mobile OCR in The Transportation Industry

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How to Improve Smart Factory Operations with Mobile Text Recognition


Optimize Your Transportation Processes

Mobile OCR technology reads codesnumbers and text. Anyline uses mobile OCR to read license plates, serial numbers and more with +99% accuracy. You can use it to scan any stage of your supply chain in an instant. It just needs to be integrated in your mobile app.

Anyline’s scanning capabilities mean you can document transportation processes with a higher accuracy than any technician or administrator. It never gets tired, distracted or stressed, which can lead to typing or data entry mistakes. Your workforce can use this accuracy to make transportation processes faster and easier to engage with.

This makes it one of the most valuable tools available to the transportation and automotive industry today.

Shipping Orders
Workforce Tools
License Plates
Serial Numbers

Business Benefits

Mobile scanning can be used to read license plates, serial numbers, VINs and more. Anyline can scan these targets 20 times faster than a person. You can add it to your workforce app and significantly reduce process duration for your employees and customers. This reduction in process duration can save you time and money.

Mobile scanning also improves your data quality. Never include a typing or written mistake in your data set again. This also makes it easier to gain insights into customer behavior and workforce efficiency.

Tech Benefits

You can use mobile scanning to remove typing and manual data entry from your processes. This increases the accuracy and quality of your data. Improved data makes it easier to bill customers and make reliable business decisions. On top of that, Anyline works in an instant, meaning you can assess data in real-time.

Best of all, mobile scanning with Anyline is secure. All scan data is processed on device before being securely uploaded to your backend. You can take advantage of this edge computing power to perform scans without an internet connection. Bring reliable and accurate mobile scanning with you wherever you go.


Industry Leaders Who Trust Anyline

Anyline is trusted by some of the most well-known brands in the world. They chose Anyline to position themselves as innovation leaders within their market. They’ve removed manual data entry from their processes, improved their data quality and streamlined customer onboarding.

Companies that work with Anyline include Porsche, Red Bull and Canon. No enterprise is too big or too small to benefit from mobile OCR. Learn more by reading one of our many success stories.

Get Started With Anyline

Adding Anyline to your mobile app is as simple as scanning itself. You can get started with a 30 day free trial of the Anyline SDK. It takes less than a day to integrate and start scanning your use case.

The SDK features modules for license plate scanning, serial number scanning, VIN scanning and more.

You don’t need to worry about font training or testing to start scanning. Once you’re ready to add mobile OCR to your app, get in touch to discuss one of our highly competitive pricing plans.

For more info, you can contact our sales team. We’re happy to help!

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Use Cases

Documents for Know Your Customer Program

Offer remote identity verification to your customers with Anyline. They can perform their own ID scan and check it against your backend with their mobile device. Scanning is secure, accurate and works 20x faster than manual data entry and form filling.

Check-in at Airports

Improve the airport experience by scanning passport MRZs via mobile device during check-in. Scanning MRZs is 20x faster than performing traditional manual data entry and more accurate. This will reduce waiting times and make your processes more efficient.

Success Stories

Porsche Leipzig Success Story

Porsche brought an interactive element to their exhibition with Anyline. Visitors can scan the license plates of the vehicles on display to get more information about the cars and when they were built.

Download the Anyline Mobile OCR Demo App

You can try Anyline for yourself, with no registration required. Download our app from the App Store or Google Play and start scanning license plates, documents and more. You can get free sample material for scan testing here.

Once installed, open the Anyline Mobile OCR Demo app and point it at your scan target. A scan will automatically be performed and saved on your device. Haptic feedback will guide you by warning you if your device is shaking too much or needs more light. Anyline can also scan in the dark thanks to automatic torch activation.

You can also test out Anyline’s offline scanning capabilities and see how well it works at scanning in locations without an internet connection. It scans everything from VINs to serial numbers and driving licenses.

Get the app now and realize the power of mobile OCR today!