Project Description

3 Reasons why scanning license plates boosts your process!


Every car has it, but in every country it’s a little bit different and some cars have a special one. Yes, I’m talking about license plates. License plates are the ID of cars and in a lot of cases people have to identify cars for different reasons. We will help exactly those people by introducing our license plate scanner!
This post will show you why scanning license plates will improve your process enormously!

The most important reasons are:

• Fast process through auto-control
• High security level through offline and security image
• No extra device needed

Process Optimization

Auto-control and fast process

Nowadays we are used to typing text on our smartphone really fast but we are used to the words we are typing and if we make a mistake, our smartphone will autocorrect it immediately. And here we got our first problem with license plates. License plates are a unique code of letters and numbers in a different order (depending on the country, state, vanity plate), that’s why it’s much harder for us, human beings, to type in a license plate correct and fast.


With the Anyline SDK it’s possible to scan license plates fast (under 0,5 seconds with an iPhone) and accurate. And this is not all – I’ll give you a real-life example:

Parking surveillances

Stores have a high frequency of customers and thus the parking time is most of the times limited. Private companies are hired to check the cars regularly. In this case the process can be easily optimized by just scanning the license plate of every car. The guard gets the feedback from the backend system and will scan the license plates again next time. If a license is scanned and has exceeded the limited time, the guard will get an information. It’s much faster if you get all the evaluated information from your device – accurate and secure.

Access control for vehicles

I know, at a lot of places there are stationary access controls for vehicles but think a little bit ahead.

A lot of events, fairs or festivals take place in different locations and therefore you have to be flexible and mobile!

Thinking of a big music festival like Coachella: you need to bring all the stages, food containers, fences, sanitary facilities and…and…to your location and of course you have to check the right of access of any vehicle. Using the license plates scanner allows you to check every vehicle without even talking to the driver.

scan license plates

High security

Works offline including control image

Due to the fact that cars are driving ;) you have to be able to control cars anywhere, even in the desert without any connection to the rest of the world. That’s not a problem at all with the Anyline SDK because it works directly on your smartphone and needs no connection. In other cases it’s important that the informations are not stored or processed in any unsecure cloud. Another feature is the stored control image. The software takes a picture of the license plate and saves it on the device. For a later control or a backup information the image can be sent and stored in the backend. This time I will give you the use case of an insurance case.

Insurance – Car accidents

When you are involved in a car accident the last thing you want to think about is all the needed information for your insurance. Maybe your hand is shaking, your are not really able to write something down or not able to write it down right. In this case your smartphone will be your savior. Just scan the license plates and your personal information (with our MRZ scanner) and get almost all needed information digitized immediately and ready to send to the insurance company.


Smartphones – no expensive device needed

And last but not least, it’s super easy to integrate the software for scanning license plates in your workflow. The only thing you or your employees need is a smartphone with your app installed. The time where companies had to invest in expensive reading devices is over and that’s good for everyone. Why? First of all you can use it not just for your employees but for your customers too, like I told you in the insurance use case. And second everybody knows how to use a smartphone and therefore it’s self-explaining how to use the application!

Sum up

All in all the License Plate Scanner simplifies a lot of different use cases and boosts the efficiency enormously.

Even if it looks as if it’s not that much information to type in, with Anyline you are eliminating typing errors and improving the time of input significantly. Together with the automatic control and the control image it’s a perfect, state-of-the-art solution for insurances as well as the police or parking surveillance companies!




If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!