3 ways PDF417 scanning makes your life easier

3 ways PDF417 scanning makes your life easier

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3 ways PDF417 scanning makes your life easier

With Anyline, you can instantly scan PDF417 barcodes.

But what exactly is PDF417? And how does it work?

Put simply, PDF417 is the 2D barcode you mostly find on the documents which get you from A to B – like your driving license, travel tickets, and some visas. Normally it is checked with a PDF417 barcode scanner.

Small but mighty, PDF417 barcodes can store huge amounts of information securely in a few black stripes.

Is it like a PDF document?

Nope! Despite the name, they have nothing to do with the PDF documents we create every day.
So what does 417 stand for then?

The boring answer is that “4 stands for the number of bars and spaces used to encode every character, and 17 means that the total width of these eight bars and spaces is 17 units.”

3 times mobile PDF417 scanning saves time and hassle

1. Police stops: In the US, Canada and many countries in Latin America, PDF417 codes are found on the back of all driving licenses. That means that at routine traffic stops, police can check this code to see if a licence is valid, and whether the person they have stopped has any outstanding warrants.

Before, police would need to take licenses to PDF417 reader located in their cars. But with Anyline scanning technology at their fingertips, police can scan licenses with just a cell phone. This saves time for both drivers and police officers, who can spend their time and energy on more important work.

2. Tickets: If you’re sitting in the departure lounge at the airport, or waiting for your bus or train, there’s a good chance you have a PDF417 in your hand. Maybe you’re in the queue outside a venue, waiting to see your favourite band? PDF417 gets you in the door, and onboard.
Before, companies needed to buy expensive PDF417 barcode scanner to check every ticket. But Anyline’s mobile scanning technology does away with these – now you do it right from your smartphone!

3. Posting packages and inventory: PDF417 barcodes don’t just send people where they want to go, but stuff too! If you use companies like FedEx, or the US postal service, PDF417 is the go-to barcode for postage.

Even if you are just moving things around the warehouse or factory floor, it’s all too easy for important items to go astray. That’s why using PDF417 barcodes are a great way to keep track of your inventory.

What’s the difference between PDF417 and QR codes?

You can find square QR codes everywhere these days: on posters, in magazines, even on business cards! QR codes are great for marketing , and getting you to the information you need quickly.

But what separates PDF417 from QR codes is their capacity. PDF417 can store over 1.1 kilobytes of machine-readable data, so they are significantly more powerful than other 2D barcodes.

No need for expensive PDF417 scanners

If you are looking for PDF417 scanning solutions, there is no need for expensive new hardware. Our scanning technology works on all smart devices, including Android, iPhones and more, and can be easily integrated into existing apps.


You can test it for yourself by downloading our free showcase app available on the App Store and Google Play.

Try it today and discover the potential to streamline your processes and services with your cell phone!