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Anyline SDK 5 Release

Release Date 2018-11-09

What’s New in Anyline SDK 5?

This latest release includes improvements for scanning various IDs including driving licenses and passports. On top of the improved accuracy and speed for scanning driving licenses, Anyline SDK 5 includes a new parallel scan mode for reading passport MRZs. Check them out for yourself – you can download a free trial of the SDK here!

New Features

ID MRZ Scanning

ID MRZ scanning has been improved for German IDs. In addition to MRZ scanning, addresses on German IDs are now scanned in parallel. This means you can gather even more personal data from IDs with one scan.

Driving License Scanning

Support for German driving license scanning has now been added to the SDK. A new scanMode property has been added to the SDK to enable this feature.

On top of that, you can now use driving license scanning to gather more information from licenses such as :

  • Place of birth
  • Issuing date
  • Expiration date(if available)
  • Issuing authority
  • License categories

This feature makes onboarding and personal data collection simple and quick to perform.

Cutout View Control

A new delegate has been added to the SDK that gives you more control over the cutout view. The delegate method will be called every time the cutout view gets updated and can be used to include more Views in your app related to the cutout view.

Find Out More About Anyline SDK 5

Anyline SDK 5 is the latest version of the Anyline SDK for Android and iOS. You can find out more about this update in our official release notes.

Anyline SDK 5 is also available on Xamarin, React Native and Cordova.

Download the Anyline SDK

Anyline scans text, codes, numbers and more. It’s accurate, reliable and secure.

You can use it to replace typing and manual data entry in your mobile app for improved data quality and faster processes. Test it yourself with a free 30 day trial of the Anyline® OCR SDK.


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!


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