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Project Description


10 years experience in the payment industry | 1st IBAN Scanner by Anyline | 10 min till payout

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Starting Point

Providing a Simple Solution to a Simple Problem

cashpresso is a brand of the Viennese FinTech startup Credi2, who set out to provide a simple solution to a simple problem.
Taking a loan from a traditional bank institute can be a hassle, associated with bureaucratic paper work. Whether someone is still studying or already pursuing a career, sometimes they find themselves in a financially difficult situation. Waiting for the bank to do a credit check can take quite some time. If the money is needed immediately though, that could be a problem.


Access Money Anywhere, Anytime

The vision of cashpresso was to make the process of taking a loan very fast and easy. The idea of being able to access money anywhere, anytime and therefore being very flexible was one of their main focuses. It also was important to them to have no overhead or any maintenance fees and that their customers could repay as they wish. The flexibility also finds expression in the range of payment plans offered. Customers can choose them as they see fit and change them anytime.


Offer Immediate Money Transfer Using Anyline’s IBAN Scanner

The solution was to develop a platform where customers could easily loan money in no time. cashpresso offers a web page as well as a mobile app for Android and iOS that makes borrowing money as easy as ever.

With the Anyline® SDK, which is implemented in the cashpresso app, the up to 34 digit IBAN is easily scannable.
If you already have the bank card right in front of you, you don’t need to tediously type in the long code. You can simply scan the IBAN and therefore make the process of transferring money even faster.

Being able to scan your IBAN is part of modern banking!

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