Project Description

Energy | App Provider: Smart Living App

automatic meter value recognition | energy saving tips | no manual data entry needed


Starting Point

One mobile app as a daily companion

The energy|app provider is part of the con|energy ag that was founded in 1996 in Germany and since then has developed and expanded into various directions. The energy|app provider represents an integral part of the con|energy ag. energy|app provider offers all citizens of a community the possibility to get useful information, tips and services concerning their energy consumption via a mobile app. Ranging from energy efficiency and energy saving tips to information relevant to each city – like for example even fault messages from local public transport providers, energy|app provider offers a great amount of different kinds of services.


Scanning Utility Meter via Smartphone

The apps consist of various features, which can be customized to the energy provider’s personal needs. Developed both for iOS and the Android platforms, the smart living apps can be used on smartphones, tablets and in some cases smart watches. To make it even easier for the customers, energy|app provider had the vision of scanning utility meters instead of having to type in the digits!


Scan Utility Meters Using Anyline’s Solution

With Anyline, the white label solution that energy|app provider offers, will gain an additional functionality – the automatic meter value recognition. Existing functions like the energy saving tips are therefore even better supported. Easily integrated in the already existing app, the Anyline SDK offers a fast and accurate solution for every customer to read their meter values. Therefore no more manual data entry is needed – a simple scan with a smartphone gives imports all information needed.