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Project Description

Case Study: FoodNotify Barcode Scanner

FoodNotify is a Viennese startup which enables cooks in restaurants to scan the barcodes of the ingredients they are using with an app to simplify the identification of allergens in their dishes.
For the scanning part, FoodNotify has been using our Anyline® SDK Barcode feature since June 2015.

Why is FoodNotify working with Anyline?

“We started our project last year with a Barcode Scanner from a different provider, but the licence ran out and we were looking for different possibilities”, Thomas Primus, the founder of FoodNotify told us over coffee in our new shared office.

One of those possibilities came to Thomas at the [email protected] award earlier this year, where Matthias, our Product Manager, introduced him to our Anyline® SDK Barcode feature. Thomas had known Lukas, our CEO, from various other startup meetings and the name Anyline rang a bell because of the Red Bull Mobile use case. “I didn’t know Anyline could be used for scanning EAN codes. I thought that scanning a can lid like in the Red Bull case was something very specific so I didn’t connect it to scanning EAN codes.”

After Thomas realised that he could use our SDK for his app, everything worked out pretty fast.

The implementation of the SDK was very simple. It took only 3 lines of code to implement the Anyline® SDK into the FoodNotify app. The Anyline® SDK enables FoodNotify to scan the EAN Codes on the products in order to match them to the right products from different data sources like Metro.

“We are very satisfied. I think the most important thing is that first phase during which you test the product. Everytime I went shopping with my wife, I scanned everything, I turned the light on and off because that’s an important part for chefs who often don’t have good lighting conditions”, Thomas told us.

“It’s easy to integrate, easy to use, very uncomplicated.”

foodnotify1 foodnotify2

Next to come in the FoodNotify – Anyline Project

The next step for FoodNotify is to implement the Wikitude Augmented Reality SDK. Therefore the Wikitude SDK will enable to recognise the products and work together with the Anyline® SDK.
Since October, FoodNotify has joined us in our amazing new office.“It’s very cool that we are working neighbours now and that this happened out of a work relationship.”

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