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Improve Freight Tracking with Intermodal Container Scanning

Intermodal Containers on a Cargo Ship

Intermodal containers are standardized containers, used to transport all kinds of cargo & freight. With their widespread use in major intermodal terminal facilities around the world, enhanced freight tracking systems are a business-critical aspect in the management of every logistics hub.

Mobile scanning technology gives you the right tools to improve supply chain management & optimize cargo tracking systems.

Freight tracking with mobile container scanning is the perfect logistics tracking solution for managing the arrival, inventory & departure of intermodal containers. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) makes sure that your cargo tracking processes get efficiently recorded throughout your whole inventory & SCM systems – quickly and accurately.

By reducing the amount of manual data entries into your freight tracking systems, intermodal container scanning also saves valuable time for logistics employees and supply chain managers, while reducing costs significantly.

With improved freight management and more time to focus on core routines, you can optimize freight management processes and reduce costs at the same time. Discover the benefits of scanning intermodal containers with any kind of mobile device at hand and see how you can use it to further enhance freight & cargo management operations.

Accurate Freight Tracking with Mobile Scanning

Scan Intermodal Container Numbers Accurately & Fast with Anyline's OCR Technology

Anyline’s mobile scanning is used in a variety of industries to improve SCM processes and to enhance freight logistics operations around the world, due to the high level of accuracy provided and the easy integration process.

The accuracy of Anyline’s mobile scanning solutions has been measured at +99% in laboratory settings, which makes our OCR technology the perfect optimization tool for freight tracking management.

Due to a wide range of reasons like stress, fatigue or just distraction, no human being is capable of performing perfect manual data entry at all times.

Entering the data from paper manifests & inventory lists are typical examples of cargo & freight management processes that can be disrupted by human error.

The gathering of freight tracking data can be done much more accurately with by removing  these manual data capturing processes from your logistics tracking.

Accurate & fast freight scanning means an end to the countless hours of tiresome manual data entry that your workforce has to perform. Instead of typing your daily cargo records & inventory entries into your logistics database, the mobile devices of your workforce instantly uploads all data scans to your SCM system & logistics backend.

Enhance the efficiency of your intermodal terminal & logistics hub operations and to keep up to be a part of the digital transformation of the global supply chains.

Track Freight Data & Scan Intermodal Containers Everywhere

Cargo & ISO containers get constantly shifted around intermodal facilities & logistics terminals. Wherever they go, you should have a cargo management & freight tracking tool that can follow every move your goods make. A powerful tool that empowers you to get the highest quality of data into your logistics backend & SCM system. Thankfully, mobile scanning from Anyline works in all locations.

Our scanning technology processes all tracking data on the mobile devices of your workforce. This also means that you don’t need an active internet connection to scan intermodal containers & cargo data. This has massive benefits, especially if freight gets scanned while in transit or if the storage location of a container is out of wifi range.

You just point & scan the cargo and then upload your scan results once you have re-established a secure connection to your network.

The offline scanning mode of our mobile freight tracking solution gives you an additional layer of security, as none of your freight data gets processed online. Your logistics data never has to enter any cloud; it gets stored in your own network, which gives you full control over your precious data. This makes Anyline’s mobile container scanner ideal for processing even the most valuable goods.

By improving your workforce’s capabilities to perform agile supply chain management & optimizing the freight tracking management with OCR scanning, you can enhance your company’s logistics processes many times over.

Anyline’s mobile data scanning solution even works in low-light conditions – thanks to the feature of the automatic activation of the mobile device’s torch. You can scan freight containers in the dark, or underground or in the middle of the ocean. No matter what your location is, Anyline is ready to scan for you.

Your freight tracking solution with intermodal container scanning is ready for deployment: Save time & reduce costs with Anyline’s mobile scanning technology – reach out to us today!

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