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Cox Automotive is a global provider of automotive solutions and services. By connecting the many pillars of the auto industry with cutting-edge tools, Cox Automotive makes buying and selling cars easier for everyone. 

Among their many services, Cox Automotive works with dealerships to optimize each step of their inventory and floorplan management. Now, by integrating Anyline VIN scanning into their innovative solutions, dealerships can significantly reduce the time needed for floor plan audits, and improve the quality of their inventory data.

VIN Scanning Everywhere – No Barcodes Necessary

Unlike typical VIN scanning offerings on the market, choosing Anyline means you get a lot more than a barcode scanner. Anyline works by letting your smartphone read the characters of the VIN itself.

This allows you to capture the VIN from any location on the car where it’s clearly printed. You don’t need to go in search of barcodes inside door frames, you can scan right from the windshield. It also means you can scan VINs from models where no barcode is included to begin with.

Anyline works on all smartphones and lets you scan wherever you need. There’s no internet connection needed so you can capture VIN info in even the furthest reaches of your dealership. Essentially, your phone can now read any VIN number that you can read too.

In addition to reading the VIN number, your smartphone will also capture a photograph of the scanned VIN for proofreading purposes later on. This ensures full clarity in your data capture operations at all stages of your management processes.

Digitally Transform Inventory Management for Streamlined Results

Scanning offers cumulative time-savings when compared with writing or typing that can save hours of workforce time for dealerships every month. By taking a digital approach to inventory management, retailers can reduce time spent on inventory tasks and increase the time staff spend in a customer-facing capacity

Adopting Anyline will also see an improvement in overall data quality for your dealership. Anyline’s scanning has reached +99% accuracy in laboratory conditions, which is far more accurate than manual entry accuracy rates. High quality data is crucial for reducing costs, increasing efficiency and delivering more customer satisfaction. VIN scanning with Anyline means you can get a handle on the most prevalent and valuable data in any dealership – now matter how many cars you have and which models they are!

“At Cox Automotive, we build solutions that will digitally transform your dealership. And by working with Anyline, our customers are already saving precious hours from their inventory management and floor plan auditing processes.”

Sebastian Fuchs, Managing Director Manheim and RMS Automotive Continental Europe

How Anyline Helped Transform RMS Automotive

RMS Automotive, as part of the Cox Automotive group, provides modular inventory management software that reduces risk and maximizes return on investment for large vehicle inventory owners such as manufacturers, fleet, leasing companies and finance houses. Their agile software unifies and transforms the end-to-end used vehicle inventory management process, through increased transparency and accountability for both buyers and sellers. Buyers benefit from convenient access to stock and full transparency of all costs involved in the transaction.

This transparency and accountability, achieved through easy, single-platform systems, combines with data insights from the RMS solution to significantly improve decision-making and return on investment throughout the entire used vehicle lifecycle. RMS systems facilitate multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-fiscal cross-border transactions, capable of adapting to the differing tax regimes throughout Europe.

RMS Automotive’s unique ability to technically interface with all third party stakeholders ensure that a highly complex inventory management process, involving all preferred suppliers throughout the used vehicle lifecycle, can be easily managed through one single platform.

VIN scanning from Anyline is the entry point for any dealership owner or operator to connect a vehicle with RMS Automotive’s systems and get the information they need at or before the point of sale. Scanning provides a user experience upgrade over traditional typing and allows for faster entry to the system, shortening user flow and ensuring greater user success.

“The automotive industry has always been the driving force of innovation. So we are delighted to work with Cox Automotive, one of the pioneers of the sector, to make unrivaled solutions for dealerships."

Lukas Kinigadner, Anyline CEO

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