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How to Make an ISBN Scanner App Just Like Goodreads

Goodreads is a popular mobile reading app. One of its unique features is a barcode scanner that lets you scan books and add them to your to-read list. The to-read list is then filled with the book and author details for the title that was scanned.

This helps users to quickly add books to their to-read list and find the extra info they need to decide if they would like to read the book. While scanning a book barcode can tell you everything you need to know, an ISBN and an ISBN scanner app can do the same.

ISBN stands for international standard book number and they’re used to identify and classify books. Each book has a unique ISBN and these are used by librarians, archivists and bookshop workers to categorize books according to author or genre. They’re also used for processing at points of sale and during supply chain execution.

There are a number of great reasons to add ISBN scanning to your mobile app. It can help to boost engagement in your reading app or help your workforce to better manage libraries and archives. Read on to find out what mobile ISBN scanning from Anyline can do for your mobile app.

Scanning is Better Than Typing

The major reason to include ISBN scanning in your app is that it eliminates typing from your in-app processes. Typing can be enjoyable when writing a story or an email but it can quickly become tedious in other situations. The most tedious examples of typing tend to occur when we need to copy a name, word or title we are unfamiliar with from one place to another.

You get tired of copying data from one place to another pretty quickly. The main reason for this, is it takes longer to type when you’re copying, than if you’re typing from memory. We also need to proofread what we type with more care. For this reason, scanning is generally easier to perform, especially when there is a large amount of data or text to type.

In addition to scanning being easier than typing, it’s also much faster. In one experiment performed by the Anyline team, we found that scanning can be up to 20 times faster than typing. And that was only tested on utility meters with 6-digit displays. ISBNs are much longer than 6 digits.

Besides the added ease of scanning, it can also be more practical than writing at times. Anyline’s mobile ISBN scanner works in all conditions, such as low-light settings, and doesn’t need an active internet connection to work. You might find these features extremely helpful for recording book details in your library basement or storeroom.

Wherever you perform ISBN scanning, it beats manual data entry and typing hands down in terms of speed and agility.

ISBN Scanner Apps Are Accurate

As well as being faster and easier to do, an ISBN scanner will also be much more accurate than you at recording ISBNs. The scanning of Anyline’s mobile OCR technology is capable of scanning with a +99% accuracy in laboratory conditions. The typing accuracy of people is much lower, and for a number of reasons.

The first thing to consider is that we all make typing mistakes. While you may never make typing mistakes when writing to a friend or messaging a colleague at work, typing ISBNs falls into the category of “tedious typing”. It’s easy to make a mistake typing ISBNs. That’s because you need to look from the ISBN to your screen after each character to make sure you’re entering the correct number. This can lead to characters being skipped or entered in an incorrect order.

And even if you’ve mastered the art of typing ISBNs, there are still personal factors that can cause you to enter the wrong ISBN number. Stress, fatigue and distraction can all cause you to make typing mistakes.

The advantage of scanning is that all these issues are removed from your ISBN related processes. End-users and employees can both enjoy the accuracy of ISBN scanning and benefit from more streamlined processes once typing and manual data entry are removed from your processes.

ISBN Scanner Apps Are Engaging

Engagement is one of the most important metrics for anyone with a mobile app. This tells you how often your users go to your app and what actions they perform most during this time. Whether your book app has in-app purchases or uses a freemium model, you need as much engagement as possible in your app to generate revenue.

And you need to make things as simple as possible for your end-users if you want to engage them. Mobile scanning makes using your app easier, thanks to its accuracy and the removal of typing. Without the roadblock of typing in the way, your end-users will be more likely to engage with your app as it becomes faster for them to enter ISBNs and get the book details they want.

Two companies that have successfully used Anyline’s mobile scanning technology to improve engagement are Red Bull and Landskron.

Red Bull wanted to add voucher codes to their pull rings as part of the Red Bull Mobile Collect Program. These voucher codes could be entered in their mobile app and customers could use them to redeem prizes. Customers could type the codes but Red Bull weren’t happy with the engagement levels they were seeing.

As a result, they started exploring possible ways to improve engagement and decided to try mobile scanning. They thought customers would be more engaged if they had less to do to redeem potential prizes. Mobile voucher code scanning was added to the app and customers started to scan voucher codes instead of typing. The end result was engagement of more than 48,000 users and 325,000 scans performed.

Landskron had a similar idea to help them with a recent rebranding campaign. The German brewery wanted to engage customers with a loyalty campaign where they could scan bottle tops. The codes could then be exchanged for prizes. Early feedback showed engagement at 18%. This was much higher than anticipated by Landskron and shows the high level of affinity that customers and end-users have for mobile scanning.

Anyline is a Gartner Cool Vendor

Gartner, the world wide research institute famous for creating the hype cycle model to predict the maturity of emerging technologies, named Anyline as a Cool Vendor for supply chain execution in 2018.

Gartner Cool Vendors exist across all major areas of technology innovation. Those that stand out, do so because they offer some disruptive capability or opportunity. Anyline has been listed as a Cool Vendor because of their mobile OCR technology. This technology is backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide the most accurate scan possible.

“This is a huge success for us. Gartner are one of the best known research institutes in the tech industry. Their work on the “Magic Quadrant” and the “Hype Cycle” have helped to guide companies for years. Growing enterprises around the world rely on the analysis and reports they provide to choose only the best service providers. To be recognized by them is to receive the gold standard of approval within our field.”

– Anyline CEO, Lukas Kinigadner.

Anyline was recognized by Gartner because our technology supports the digitization of all kinds of data. By removing typing and manual data entry from everyday processes, you can save time, money and resources while also improving your data quality.

Test Your Use Case with the Anyline OCR Scanner App

You can test Anyline’s mobile scanning technology for yourself with our demo App. The Anyline OCR Scanner is a free app available on the App Store and Google Play that will help you to assess your scanning use cases. It includes more than 10 scanning solutions, works offline and has a +99% scan accuracy!



Check it out now and discover the potential to streamline your processes and services with your smartphone!

Try it for Yourself – Start Your Free Anyline Demo Now

Anyline’s mobile scanning technology is available to integrate with your mobile app as a cross-platform SDK. Test out our fully supported solutions on Android, iOS and Windows devices today. Download our SDK and begin your 30-day free trial to see how mobile scanning can revolutionize your services and processes!

The SDK demo includes access to all of the following solutions:

Don’t see a solution for your scanning use case? Get in touch now to discuss your solution!

Add ISBN Scanning to Your Mobile App Today!

Save time and money with mobile ISBN scanning from Anyline. You can improve your customer experience, enhance security and upgrade data capture quality all at the same time with mobile scanning. Our technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide you with a fast and accurate scanning solution.

You can download our free SDK and begin your 30-day trial today. Integrate it with your own app and test your ISBN scanning use case.

For more information and details on how to add mobile ISBN scanning to your app on a permanent basis, get in touch with us. We’re happy to help!

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