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Project Description

Karlsberg Urpils App

> 40.000 users | > 1.000.000 user interactions / monthup to 200 user interactions / minute

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Starting Point

Find a Way to Engage More Customers

Karlsberg wanted to enable their customers to easily participate in their promotions while consuming their product. The brewery already seized the opportunity of the last Football Championship to start the Karlsberg Urpils campaign. With printing codes inside of the crown cap they engaged their customers to collect the crown caps, type in the voucher codes online and therefore participate in their promotion.


Engage the Customer Anywhere, Anytime

After the Championship was over Karlsberg discovered that they must add a mobile version of their campaign to best serve their customers. They wanted to expand their solution to the customer’s mobile devices so that they could collect the voucher codes at any time without having to type them in on their computer. Karlsberg’s goal was to make customer engagement super simple.


Scan Voucher Codes Anywhere Using Anyline’s Scanner

The idea for the Karlsberg Urpils app was quite simple: build a mobile app for Android and iOS that can easily read the 6-figure alphanumeric code printed inside of the crown caps of the Karlsberg Urpils beer, so that users have the additional opportunity to simply scan voucher codes instead of only being able to type them in.

Karlsberg realized they would need an optical character recognition (OCR) technology that performed fast and accurate and would be designed in an appealing way so that customers would enjoy using the app while consuming their product.

Based on the Anyline® SDK the Karlsberg Urpils app, that can easily read the 6-figure alphanumeric code, was developed. Once the customer downloaded the app to his/ her smartphone, which is available for Android as well as for iOS, all that needs to be done is pointing the scanner to the crown cap. Accessing the smartphone camera the scanner uses the OCR technology to identify the small numbers and letters on the inside of the Karlsberg Urpils crown cap. In almost any case the OCR technology is faster than users typing in the codes manually, which makes it not only more rewarding but also more convenient! To scan voucher codes is the modern and easy way to increase customer engagement!

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