Project Description

Release Notes 3.17

Release Date 2017-10-13

New Features

Release 3.17 adds a new License Plate Module , with many improvements to the previous License Plate PoC implementation.

New License Plate Scanning Features

License Plate Localisation

The license plate is localised within the cutout, and does not have to be directly and perspectively correct in the cutout.


You can now scan with angles of up to ~50° horizontally and ~40° vertically.

Two Line License Plates

Release 3.17 features automatic detection and scanning of two lines license plates.

Other Improvements

  • Improvements on scan speed and accuracy
  • Improvements on country detection on EU and similar license plates


Improved Features

Release 3.17 features an important improvement for our energy module.

ALSerialNumber scan mode Improved

Complete overhaul of the scan mode for more accurate scanning of serial numbers on energy meters.

Download the SDK

You can try out the new Anyline® OCR SDK for 30 days.


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