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Release Notes 3.18

Release Date 2017-11-15

Shall we sacrifice an Android dev to the iOS gods?

– Krisztina Orosz, Anyline Product Manager, during the development of Anyline 3.18.

What’s New in Release 3.18?

Release 3.18 improves license plate and MRZ scanning on Android & iOS. It also fixes a minor MRZ bug on both platforms.

Android and iOS Improvements

Release 3.18 offers the same improvements on both platforms. You can now enjoy the following benefits on all mobile devices!

MRZ Scanning Improvements

You can now scan passports and ID MRZs to retrieve validation of type, gender and country code. This makes MRZ scanning more in-depth than ever before.

License Plate Scanning Improvements

License Plate scanning now features whitespace for better separation of area codes. This will ensure better results in your processes.

Changes to the Mobile OCR SDK

Release 3.18 also includes changes on both platforms. Developers should be aware of the following changes in the SDK.

Android Changes

  • The Android Camera 2 API is now turned off by default. If you want to enable it on Camera API 2 devices, the app:api_2_enabled=”true” can be set. This only affects devices that support the Android Camera API 2.

iOS Changes

  • The AnylineVideoView class has been removed in this Version.
  • Simultaneous barcode scanning is now handled by the ALCaptureDeviceManager instead of the AnylineVideoView.

For more information, see the Android and iOS release notes in the Anyline Documentation.

Download the SDK

You can try out the new Anyline® OCR SDK for 30 days.

If you have questions, ideas, feature requests or any other kind of information you’d like us to have, simply reach out to [email protected]! We’re happy to help out and make sure that your bugs are fixed within one release cycle (within a month).


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