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How to save money in the energy industry


Some might say that the energy sector is a rather old-fashioned one. Partly because it has been existing for a very long time, partly because some of the processes still in use are quite outdated. Some might also say that meter reading is not something to get your customers excited about. Well we think they’re wrong! That’s why we’ve developed the Anyline meter scanner in order to convince them of the contrary. If you want to skip all the gibberish just jump right to the benefits that Anyline’s meter scanner offers you!

For those who want to continue reading, here’s a quick overview. In this blog post I will:

  • describe the current meter reading process in Austria and other European countries
  • explain how Anyline’s meter scanner works
  • let you know which benefits your company will gain (other than the obvious, which is saving money)
  • show you how you can instantly try it out yourself without paying a single cent

Smart grids & smart meters

Energy consumption, energy efficiency and renewable energies are much discussed topics. Every country has different rules and enforcements. One topic that experts discuss all over Europe though are smart grids and the smart meter rollout.

The EU aims to replace at least 80% of electricity meters with smart meters by 2020 wherever it is cost-effective to do so.[1]

Even though the smart meter rollout itself would be a topic that I could write a whole blogpost about, it is not what I want to focus on today. The reason I briefly addressed it is because we sometimes get questions about our product concerning its redundancy once the smart meter rollout is complete. First of all 2020 is still a few years away. Second the smart meter rollout only concerns electricity meters. So Anyline’s meter scanner will continue facilitating processes and therefore helping people to save time and money.

Meter reading & maintenance

scan energy meter

So let’s have a look at the current situation. In Austria for example we still have very old analog meters. As a result the meter reading procedure as well as the maintenance process are done manually. The workforce of a energy provider needs to read an incredible number of meters each year. And since they do everything manually it’s quite common that they make mistakes. They come to an apartment building and read several meters in a very short time, writing down the meter values on a piece of paper. Another opportunity is for the end customers to read the meters themselves. They have to manually fill in a form including their personal data and the meter value. In addition they then have to send the form by post to their energy provider.

Meter scanning with Anyline

meter reading

For energy providers dealing with this processes means spending a lot of time and money on error correction. The amount of meter values that people submit wrongly is shocking. And since of course all of these wrong values need to be corrected, the energy providers spend a lot of time, money and effort on doing so! With Anyline, energy suppliers will have a whole new experience. Not only can they equip their workforce with Anyline but they can also offer it to their end users. You might ask yourself how that’s possible and how Anyline works. Well let’s get right to it!

Benefits of Anyline’s meter scanner

To make this short and simple and you can take a quick glance on the most prominent benefits I’ll provide you with a bulleted list:

  • process automation
  • works offline
  • secure data transmission
  • increase customer engagement

If you want to find out more details simply take a look at our utility meter page and read about the benefits in detail.


Also we just had our 3.10 release which enables the scanning of double tariff meters. Check out our 3.10 release notes and get all the details!

Try it out yourself


Of course you don’t want to “buy a pig in poke”. You want to know exactly how the application works and if it’s what you’re looking for. Don’t worry! We’ve built a demo app for the meter scanner that you can download for free. It’s available on iOS and Android and showcases both use cases. Using the meter scanner as a workforce tool as well as making use of it as a customer. Scan your own meters or ask for our demo material in the app.







If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!