How to Scan IBANs with Any Mobile Device

IBANs (International Bank Account Numbers) are widely used by businesses for transferring money. But while they are very useful for identifying any account, they are not very user friendly.

People find it difficult to manually write or type out long strings of letters and numbers. It takes a long time and often leads to mistakes.

One way companies can simplify how their customers use IBANs is with mobile scanning technology. By integrating an IBAN scanner into your app or website, your customers can just point the camera of their mobile device at their IBAN and collect it instantly.

Find out below why your business should integrate Anyline mobile IBAN scanning to give your customers a better user experience and to streamline your business processes.

Better Data Quality for Your Company

A further benefit of using mobile scanning technology for IBAN scanning is that it will help you to optimize workflows and that it increases the overall quality of your data by removing falsely typed numbers from your databases and IT systems.

This is crucial for businesses today, as there are many studies that show that poor data quality can negatively affect company profits. It can impact revenue, decision making, and more, so it’s important to invest in accurate data collection tools in all areas of your business.

Mobile IBAN Scanning is Secure and Works Everywhere

One of the most important considerations for any company using IBANs is security. Keeping your customers’ information safe and secure is the key to success. With mobile IBAN scanning, you can be certain that the IBANs of your customers will be securely scanned and transmitted to your backend.

Anyline processes 100% of scan data on-device – for the most secure experience possible: By processing the scans directly on a user’s mobile device, Anyline ensures that IBAN data never needs to enter the cloud, where the data would be most vulnerable to security breaches. Instead, the user’s smartphone takes care of everything and once the data is ready, the data gets transferred straight to your backend system via a secure connection.

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