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Code Scanner Apps: How to Improve Data Quality, UX & More


The versatility of mobile scanning opens a whole new world of possibilities for your business. You can digitize manual processes, offer real time feedback or expand your service area. These benefits are sure to make the lives of your workforce and customers much easier..

5 Uses of OCR That Instantly Improve User Experience


The rise of mobile OCR is being driven by a few core industries. The banking sector in particular has adopted OCR to improve processes. Their main focus until now has been IBAN scanning. But what are the other uses of OCR?

How Scanning Eases the Pain of Tax Refunds


One of the best things about a journey in foreign countries is the tax free shopping. It’s an incentive which almost everyone likes - even though the tax refund process is sometimes too tedious and the customers satisfaction goes down.

License Plate Scanning: Efficiency Boost for Businesses


Every car has it, but in every country it’s a little bit different and some cars have a special one. Yes, I’m talking about license plates. License plates are the ID of cars and in a lot of cases people have to identify cars for different reasons. We will help exactly those people by introducing our license plate scanner!

Meter Reading Scanning Best Practice Guide


Measuring electricity and gas consumption is something that almost everyone has to do, once, or several times a year. Not only the consumer, but also the utility companies offering the service must periodically check on the consumption. Having a large workforce manually scanning hundreds of meters is time consuming and expensive.

5 Ways How FMCG Companies Boost Their Marketing with Mobile OCR


Some of the brands we work with tell us they have no use for a mobile application. I want to give you 5 reasons how a mobile app with the ability of Optical Character Recognition can take your company to the next level and separate your brand's marketing campaigns from the crowd!

How to Understand & Prevent Social Engineering


Establishing a security policy is a very important step in a company’s formation, especially once the company starts to expands and doesn’t only involve two best friends working from their shared apartment ?

Building Loyalty With Mobile Marketing


Loyalty is a constant focus for businesses. Now, in the age of mobile, customer loyalty is more important than ever. Optimising push notifications, in-app messaging, targeting, automation and AB testing all lead to increasing retention rates.

Low-end Android devices and the “Exposure Triangle”


In today’s blog post we will take a look at the theory of photography and its connection to the cameras available on low-end Android devices. In particular, we will check out a theoretical construct called the “Exposure Triangle”, and how we can improve the overall quality of the input-stream of frames from the mobile device’s camera and consequently also the user experience.