Company Updates

Scan License Plates from Your Website


The latest update from Anyline is now available, bringing with it 2 big developments for our ID and document scanning capabilities!

The freedom to explore


From our innovative SDK to our new Platform, Anyline is the place to be for developers who want to spread their wings, says Hannes Duchkowitsch, Anyline Head of Development

Anyline is Going 5G at Alley in NYC


New York attracts giants from the worlds of business, art and nowadays, technology. We’re expanding our support of the US market and our search only lead us to one place...

The New Anyline OCR Scanner is Now Available – Download For Free!


The Anyline OCR Scanner app is now available on Android and iOS. The free demo app includes all the latest Anyline modules for scanning text, numbers and codes. You can use it to scan real life use cases such as license plates, utility meters, passports and more. – The Journey So Far


I’m happy to announce that Anyline is moving up in the world. has served us well since we started the company but from today, you will find us at!

Anyline visits vrei – the Virtual Reality Lounge


Recently there has been a huge hype around the term “Virtual Reality” and since the VR/AR scene in Vienna is getting bigger and bigger, we wanted to experience the new hype ourselves. So we decided to check out vrei – Vienna’s First Virtual Reality Lounge – for an afterwork VR experience ?

Anyline was featured on ProductHunt!


Spring has officially begun! And we can report – spring feelings are definitely a thing as our lovely Anyline SDK got hunted down on Product Hunt this morning and has received so much love and appraisal already. Therefore I’d like to thank the community and our new fans for the support and will dive into a quick history lesson about what happened between Anyline launched as a company and our Product Hunt fame!