After buying a car there are still a lot formal things to do such as the vehicle insurance. A lot of information is needed for the application form such as of the driving license, license plate number and VIN. With our software it’s possible to scan all these letters and numbers fast and accurately. It’s not just time saving – it’s an innovation for digital data input.



When it comes to car rentals, the companies have to check the driver’s driving license - not just for safety but also as an insurance in case of an accident. Anyline makes it easier to scan the driver's licenses and e.g. the VIN number of the rented car - this improves the overall registration process which would last a minute or less and would ensure a highly accurate data collection.



The police has to check hundreds of driving licenses on the roadside. This process should be as fast and efficient as possible. It is much easier for the police officials to scan driving licenses with a smartphone and to get the data output within a second. It makes their work more efficient and it would populate all the information needed (fine, warning, date/location of control) automatically in the system.