What is “KYC” and Why Does It Matter?


From OCR, to SDK and even TIN, you could be forgiven for thinking the language of Anyline is ‘Acronymish’! But one acronym we really like here is KYC.

3 Things You Need to Know About Drone Scanning


Drone scanning is a technological breakthrough that’s allowing businesses and individuals to exploit the power of computer vision in new ways. The applications of drone scanning are wide-ranging so it’s already being exploited in a number of use cases...

Scan Issue Dates with Mobile Passport Scanning Solutions


The latest Anyline release offer a new scanning feature so you can scan issue dates of passports with your smartphone. This issue date scan feature is being rolled out first for passports from a number of European countries...

How to Scan IBANs with Your Smartphone


With mobile IBAN scanning enabled on your app, your customers can point their device camera at their IBAN and let our mobile text recognition technology do the hard work...

Meet Us at the Oesterreichs Energie Kongress 2018


The 5th Austrian Energy Congress is taking place 19 – 20 September in Pamhagen, Burgenland. Decarbonisation, decentralization and digitization are the themes of this year’s congress.

Everything You Need to Know About Bottle Cap Scanning


Mobile bottle cap scanning is the perfect mobile solution for launching promotional campaigns, loyalty programs and giveaways. Your customers can use mobile scanning to participate wherever and whenever they like. All they need is their smartphone to get involved!

How to Save Time With IMEI Scanning


You can quickly add IMEI scanning to your workforce or customer app with the Anyline SDK. Find out how you and your customers can benefit from the features of mobile scanning!

Get Your Free Utilities Scanning White Paper!


The utilities scanning white paper is a guide to managing meter switchovers with smart technology. It also provides an introduction to digital transformations and how you can bring your information online...

Get Your Free Mobile Policing White Paper!


The mobile policing white paper is an introductory guide to equipping your officers with mobile devices. Alongside that, it provides a comprehensive introduction to digital transformations and how you can bring more of your information online...

3 VIN Scanner Benefits That You Need to Know


A mobile VIN Scanner App offers many benefits: It's fast & accurate, easy & safe to use. See how to streamline processes & reduce costs with VIN Scanning.

How to Make the Most of Your Time with Mobile Document Scanning


Mobile document scanning is the process of creating a digital copy of a document using your mobile device’s camera. It makes it possible to digitize documents, regardless of your location or environmental conditions, in an instant.

How To Empower Customers With A Meter Reading App


Meter reading apps are transforming the way people think about their energy and water consumption. Find out how you can help yourself and your customers at the same time by adding Anyline to your mobile app!

5 Uses of OCR That Instantly Improve User Experience


The rise of mobile OCR is being driven by a few core industries. The banking sector in particular has adopted OCR to improve processes. Their main focus until now has been IBAN scanning. But what are the other uses of OCR?

How to Quickly Explain OCR to Your Boss


So you’ve decided to integrate mobile OCR for your use case. That’s a great start. But what if you need to convince your boss that mobile OCR really is going to make the difference? Are you ready to explain OCR?

Where is OCR Used? The Most Common Scenarios Explained


Here are the most popular examples of how mobile OCR is being used in new locations. In each case, mobile OCR provides technical and business benefits that far surpass traditional methods of data collection and verification.

How Scanning Eases the Pain of Tax Refunds


One of the best things about a journey in foreign countries is the tax free shopping. It’s an incentive which almost everyone likes - even though the tax refund process is sometimes too tedious and the customers satisfaction goes down.

A Sustainable Solution for Utility Management


Managing properties & facilities is a complicated matter. One of the main challenges is the efficient & sustainable management of energy & other utilities. Buildings are the greatest consumer of energy and other utilities such as water and gas. Following up on this, the US National Association of Realtors® states:

License Plate Scanning: Efficiency Boost for Businesses


Every car has it, but in every country it’s a little bit different and some cars have a special one. Yes, I’m talking about license plates. License plates are the ID of cars and in a lot of cases people have to identify cars for different reasons. We will help exactly those people by introducing our license plate scanner!

4 reasons why OCR is the key answer for Efficient flight booking apps


Modern travellers need modern ways to manage their flight bookings. In 2017 the IATA expects 3.9 billion passenger segments to fly. All those passengers have one thing in common: they don’t want to waste time during their booking process, no matter if they do it for business or leisure.

How to save money in the energy industry


Some might say that the energy sector is a rather old-fashioned one. Partly because it has been existing for a very long time, partly because some of the processes still in use are quite outdated.

Innovative Mobile Marketing Solutions


Mobile marketing campaigns are getting more and more common. The goal is to stay creative and offer your customer something useful and fun.

Upcoming Wearable Technology Conferences


On one hand smart glasses and wearable technology is notorious for being bulky and unpleasant to wear, on the other hand it is revolutionizing the industrial sector. Their features are constantly being improved so they can be used by companies to better facilitate work processes.

AnyOCR – The new and free OCR Font!


Some of you might ask yourself “why?”. You might say the technology nowadays is good enough to read non-OCR-optimized fonts as well.But that was before you've seen our new OCR font.

Machine Learning for Newbies


In recent years there has been a huge uprise and general interest in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. You could say these technologies have almost become mainstream by now. The term “machine learning” (ml) was first defined in 1959 as “the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”.

The First Holographic OCR Scanner


In October, we presented our very first HoloLens prototype at the AWE in Berlin. We demonstrated how mixing OCR technology and sensory data can lead to very powerful applications in AR.

Why is Anyline Unique?


Blowing one's own trumpet normally isn't something one should do. But when you have a great product that offers various benefits you shouldn't hide it either. We have an amazing technology, some even might say one of the best OCR SDKs out there.

How to Improve Sustainability with OCR


In today’s post I'll explore the topic of OCR and sustainability - are you ready for my findings? There are a lot of reasons, which have a positive impact on the environment. I focused on 4 reasons, in particular paper, transportation, production of electric devices and personnel expenses.



When it comes to smartglasses opinions diverge massively. Some think they are the future. They think the products will keep getting better and have a great impact on how we live and work. Others are convinced that they are still way too bulky to wear and not developed enough to be applicable across industries.

What’s new in the field of Augmented Reality


For many years technology companies have spoken about the potential of virtual and augmented reality, but now that there are headsets, helmets and glasses coming to the market, it seems the development is finally about to break through.

The new iPhone 7 from an OCR perspective


As a company working with smartphones on a daily basis we depend on the quality of smartphone cameras. So we are always excited when new high-end technology hits the market! :)

Nationwide network for IoT in South Korea


A few days ago Samsung Electronics announced that together with SK Telecom they will build a wireless network for the Internet of Things (IoT) that will cover all of South Korea. Both companies claim this network to be the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

5 Ways How FMCG Companies Boost Their Marketing with Mobile OCR


Some of the brands we work with tell us they have no use for a mobile application. I want to give you 5 reasons how a mobile app with the ability of Optical Character Recognition can take your company to the next level and separate your brand's marketing campaigns from the crowd!



As a developer working with Tesseract you know the struggle: Training a font file for Tesseract takes time and effort. One way of the many ways to accomplish the training, is to create many images of your font which will be used to train the Tesseract. You run the images through Tesseract, correct the outcome and do it over and over again until the font is readable. This process seems so annoying, one might even describe it as: " Worst process for a human, ever" ;)

Your Marketing Campaign with a Hashtag Scanner


The Hashtag has become super famous with Twitter and Instagram using the sign frequently. It helps to find certain content easier and faster. As you might know, Twitter even shows you the top trending hashtags in your area and internationally every day.

Snapchat introduces new augmented reality feature


We’ve recently published a blog post about Snapchat apparently venturing into the smart glasses business. A feature they've just introduced suggests that they will continue working with augmented reality. Just a few weeks after Snapchat did a massive overhaul of their chat system, the app released a new futuristic feature: 3D stickers.

Is the Old Economy Ready for Startups?


More and more corporations are trying to work closer together with startups or even become a little like them. Innovative, fast-moving, flexible. But are the big firms ready for startups and their innovative solutions? What are the obstacles when it comes to a corporate – startup cooperation?

Why OCR makes Augmented Reality work better


The Augmented Reality “Hype". With technology companies ascribing great potential to Virtual and Augmented Reality a lot of industries are trying to jump on the bandwagon and develop AR and VR applications themselves. The technologies are indeed very helpful for different verticals.