Anyline will optimize and simplify your workflow! Use your smartphone to read passports while you’re still agile since you’re not bound to a specific reading device. Anyline provides a high accuracy rate and doesn’t require a server connection, increasing the speed of detection even more. No sensitive data leaves the mobile device!



The passport & ID implementation lets you easily extract all the important information from IDs and passports right on the spot with your smartphone! At conferences or for physical access control for explicit buildings or rooms – Anyline is your reliable partner for extracting data from Travel Documents. You can run the extracted information through your backend database to check if it is correct.



If you offer tax refunds at a store or airport or you provide POS terminals, Anyline can simplify the process and make it much more convenient for you and your customers! By scanning the passport number and letting your customers skip the tax-free paperwork, the payment process is so much faster and easier! Scan the passport as your customers pay for their purchase and they’re good to go, with the tax already refunded! Easy as that!