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The latest release notes


Anyline SDK 5 Release

On top of the improved accuracy and speed for scanning driving licenses, Anyline SDK 5 includes a new parallel scan mode for reading passport MRZs ...


Release 3.27

The latest Anyline release includes license plate scanning improvements, an improved auto-focus and a fixed camera view ...


Release 3.26

The latest version of Anyline now has improvements for scanning passport and ID MRZs, as well as utility meters. Release 3.26 also features changes to the way Anyline Examples are displayed...


Release 3.25

This release brings improvements to many of the existing solutions in the Anyline SDK. It also includes a breaking change on Android and iOS for Austrian driving license scanning...


Release Notes 3.24

Release 3.24 has improvements for document and driving license scanning, plus updated result screens for most scan modules.