Latest Release Notes


Release Notes 3.19

The latest version of Anyline includes new functionality & improvements to existing modules. Find out more about this release in our official release notes!


Release Notes 3.18

Anyline 3.18 is now available. Get started with the mobile OCR SDK for free. You can test it out on both Android & iOS. The latest version of Anyline features improved MRZ and License Plate scanning!


Release 3.17

Release Notes 3.17 Release Date 2017-10-13 New Features [...]


Release Notes 3.16

Check out our latest improvements to the Anyline SDK. Release Notes 3.16 includes all the improvements, fixes and upgrades to our mobile OCR software!


Release Notes 3.15

Release Notes 3.15 Android Release Date 2017-08-18 Improved Energy [...]


Release Notes 3.14

Release Notes 3.14 Android Release Date 2017-07-07 Breaking [...]


Release Notes 3.13

We are proud to announce the Anyline® OCR SDK 3.13.0 Release with updates from the MRZ scanner and the meter reading module.


Release Notes 3.12

It's been some busy weeks and our dev team has been working hard to successfully release the Anyline® SDK 3.12 for you!


Release Notes 3.11

We are proud to announce the Anyline® OCR SDK 3.11 Release! We have some exciting news, especially for the meter reading enthusiasts out there!


Anyline OCR SDK 3.8 Release Notes

The new Anyline OCR SDK is now available as a special Developer Edition for native Android and iOS! Automatically scan white and black background!