Release Notes

Release Notes

Release 3.26

The latest version of Anyline now has improvements for scanning passport and ID MRZs, as well as utility meters. Release 3.26 also features changes to the way Anyline Examples are displayed...

Release 3.25

This release brings improvements to many of the existing solutions in the Anyline SDK. It also includes a breaking change on Android and iOS for Austrian driving license scanning...

Release Notes 3.23

Get the latest version of Anyline and test out shipping container scanner. Plus, test the new and improved modules for vehicle identification number and serial number scanning!

Release Notes 3.21

Release 3.21 offers improved functionality for serial number scanning and a number of new demos for you to try. Check out the full release notes for all the details..

Release Notes 3.20

"The development team did an awesome job on this release. If our next 11 updates go this smoothly, then we’ll have a great year!" - Anyline CTO, Daniel Albertini

Release Notes 3.19

The latest version of Anyline includes new functionality & improvements to existing modules. Find out more about this release in our official release notes!

Release Notes 3.18

Anyline 3.18 is now available. Get started with the mobile OCR SDK for free. You can test it out on both Android & iOS. The latest version of Anyline features improved MRZ and License Plate scanning!