The latest release notes


Release Notes 3.13

We are proud to announce the Anyline® OCR SDK 3.13.0 Release with updates from the MRZ scanner and the meter reading module.


Release Notes 3.12

It's been some busy weeks and our dev team has been working hard to successfully release the Anyline® SDK 3.12 for you!


Anyline OCR SDK 3.8 Release Notes

The new Anyline OCR SDK is now available as a special Developer Edition for native Android and iOS! Automatically scan white and black background!



Release Notes 3.7 Release Date 2016-11-11 ### iOS [...]


Release Notes 3.3

There are release notes, and there are release notes. If you're planning to have a look at the list of wonderful new features, please do so right here below. If you're only interested in how our team managed to get through the last 2 months of hard work, testing and bug fixing, simply scroll down to see the pictures. Enjoy!


Anyline SDK 3.5 “Brotzeit” Release Notes

We kicked off Q2 by trying to understand the users in all steps of their contact with the SDK. “We’re improving reporting options in order to find out more about how our users scan outside the Anyline office”, Matthias Gasser reports. To make our releases and sprints even more fun, our development team decided to give our releases – let me say – random but inspiring names ?


Anyline SDK 3.6 “EURO 2016” Release Notes

Fully focused on the UEFA Euro 2016 (also known as EM 2016, if you’re still not happy with the outcome and supporting our German neighbors), we tried to inject the same kind of excitement and fan base into our own SDK 3.6 release, by aligning the theme and therefore naming. Surprisingly the excited fans kept being excited fans of their respective teams, and in the evenings time spent on developing was usually kept short by 2 x 45 minutes.


Release Notes 3.6.1

Integrated chat tool Intercom – easily reach the Anyline team with support questions, save all your chats within the app and use it to quickly send screenshots