Mobile ID Scanning for Hotels & Hospitality Management. 

Mobile ID scanning enables a contactless check-in solution for your property, exceeding new traveler expectations and enhancing the overall guest experience.

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Contactless Mobile Check-In Solutions for Hotels

Allow your guests to complete their check-in in a fraction of the time. With our SDK, your guests and staff can scan ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses and license plates all from a mobile device. It’s 20 times faster than typing, with none of the errors!

Anyline mobile check-in solutions are ISO 27001-certified and trusted by premium hotels and travel brands around the world, increasing efficiencies and elevating the guest experience to new levels.

Give your guests greater choice during their check in. Contactless check-in enables guests and employees to maintain appropriate social distances, while avoiding long lines and unnecessary check-in wait times.

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Safe & secure passenger onboarding with contactless ID verification solutions for the travel industry

Mobile Scanning Solutions for Hotel Management Software

Property management and hotel operating systems can be instantly enhanced with a mobile scanning solution. Save your employees valuable time during check-in by removing manual data entry with a wide variety of identity document scanning solutions. Our SDK can be easily integrated directly into any PMS software or existing application.

Enhance your hotel PMS software with a scanning solution that will enhance and secure the check-in process, for both the arriving guests and your entire property team.

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Solutions for Mobile data Capture

Take a closer look at our range of mobile scanning solutions for hospitality and a variety of different industries.
Arabic ID Scanner

Scan ID cards, passports and other documents with any mobile device.

US License Plate Scanner

Get car and driver information with mobile scanning.

VIN Number Scanning

Identify vehicles to manage your lot, fleet or rentals

Universal ID Scanner

Scan ID cards, passports and other documents with any mobile device. Turn your app or website into a fast & secure ID scanner.

Tire Identification Number - DOT Scanning

Tire safety done the fast and easy way, using your mobile.

Document Scanner

Say goodbye to paperwork with our mobile document scanner.

Driver's License Scanning (USA)

Scan and process US driver license data with any mobile device.

Custom Projects Scanning

Custom Solutions for Mobile Data Capture.

Serial Number Scanning

Streamline Your workflows with serial number scanning

Passport MRZ Scanning

Passport scanning the easy way, without any extra hardware.

Utility Meter Scanning

Mobile Meter Reading for the Utilities, Oil and Gas Industries.

Barcode Scanner

Extract and process barcodes with your phone on-the-go.

Driver License Scanning

Scan and process driver license data with any mobile device.

ID Scanner

Scan ID cards, passports and other documents with any mobile device.

Face Authentication

Enhance customer onboarding & verification processes with biometric face authentication.

Driver License Scanning (Australia)

Scan and process Australian driver license data with any mobile device.

License Plate Scanner

Get car and driver information with mobile scanning.

PDF417 Scanning

Driver's license information at your fingertips, through the PDF417.


How Sweet Inn Offers a Seamless Mobile Check-In Experience with Anyline

Not only did Sweet Inn survive the global pandemic, but thanks to Anyline Passport Scanning, was able to thrive and establish itself as a digital hospitality leader.

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Anyline Benefits

20x Faster Than Manual Data Entry
Collecting data with mobile devices is far more efficient than writing or typing.
Secure & GDPR-compliant
With on-device data processing, all captured data stays safe in your closed system.
Location & Connection Independent
Mobile data capture works offline, allowing users to scan data no matter where they are.
Improved Data Quality
Remove the errors of manual data entry from your check-in processes.
Works on All Smart Devices
Built with versatility in mind, our mobile SDK easily integrates with devices and platforms of your choice.
ISO-Certified Data Protection
Anyline solutions are ISO/IEC 27001-certified, ensuring the highest level of data protection for sensitive information.

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  • Optimize the way you digitize data
  • Accurate & hassle-free mobile scanning solutions
  • Cross-platform support for easy & fast SDK integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our mobile SDK extracts information from ID cards, passports, and visas. It works with the two-line standards TD-3 and TD-2 as well as the three-line standards TD-1, MRV-A, and MRV-B

The Universal ID scan mode supports all MRZ documents, PDF417 documents, and supports several European, US and Australian driver licenses as well as European identity cards. 

A full overview is available in our list of supported countries and in our technical documentation.

Our mobile SDK supports the recognition of alphanumeric Latin-based characters. We are working on implementing Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Thai and similar alphabets into our mobile check-in solution in the near future.

Our mobile SDK is natively developed for iOS, Android, and UWP, but our mobile check-in scanner supports common integration frameworks such as Xamarin, Cordova, React Native and Flutter as well. The sample code can be found in our documentation.

You can download and test the SDK directly from our SDK page or take a closer look at our ID scanner demo.

Absolutely, you can combine all of our scanning modules for different use cases and scenarios, as our versatile mobile SDK offers a maximum of flexibility. Feel free to get in contact, in case you have any questions.

Absolutely, please take a look at our product demo for mobile apps and websites/web apps.

We offer our packages on the basis of annual licenses and tailor our solutions individually to the needs of each of our customers. Please get in touch regarding your individual quote.

Yes. Since our mobile SDK does not require an internet connection, and because we do not store any data on ours or third-party servers, it is compliant with the GDPR, DSGVO, APIS and the CCPA.

Furthermore, Anyline has received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, a globally recognized, international standard for information security.