Project Description

Porsche Leipzig Integrates Anyline License Plate Scanning

The Porsche production facility in Leipzig is much more than just a manufacturing space where advanced Porsche models, such as Cayenne, Panamera and Macan, are assembled. It is also an all-round Porsche experience that allows visitors, to take a closer look at the world of the German premium sports car brand. From a guided tour of the factory, to a drive on the on & off-road tracks, and even an elegant dining experience with a view over the 1.000 acre complex, it is really more than a simple factory.

Every customer, guest, or visitor has the chance to get a preview of the Porsche Leipzig world by downloading a custom made application, offering many great features to enhance their experience before, during and after the visit to the Porsche facility in Leipzig.

Porsche’s Vision for their AR Application

The Porsche Leipzig application already contained a futuristic AR (Augmented Reality) feature for their visitors to use at their factory, showing concept studies of the historical vehicles, situated in the Customer Centre. But they wanted to do much more, specifically a way to quickly retrieve information on the modern car models on display and present this data in the specific AR experience. The team wanted a feature that is easily integrated into their current application and which is adjusted to multiple models as well, as the the specific cars might get replaced on a regular basis.

Anyline’s Mobile Scanning Solution for Porsche Leipzig

Porsche Leipzig decided to integrate Anyline’s mobile license plate scanning technology into their application to add this additional interactive feature to their premium customer experience. Visitors of Porsche Leipzig have the chance to scan the license plates of each Porsche model now and retrieve the vehicle’s detailed insider information, to be displayed in the AR app in an instant.

With over 40.000 visitors each year and enhanced with Anyline’s mobile scanning technology, their application ensures that every guest in Leipzig gets the full Porsche experience.

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