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Nationwide network for IoT in South Korea

A few days ago Samsung Electronics announced that together with SK Telecom they will build a wireless network for the Internet of Things (IoT) that will cover all of South Korea. Both companies claim this network to be the first of its kind anywhere in the world.
Before we get deeper into the topic let me give you a quick explanation of what the Internet of Things even means.

What does IoT mean?

The Internet of Things (sometimes also referred to as the Internet of Objects) describes “the networked interconnection of everyday objects, which are often equipped with ubiquitous intelligence”.[1]   

Smartphone lying on a piece of fabric with

Google’s Project Jacquard

Put in a simplified way IoT connects physical objects, like devices, vehicles or even clothes embedded with electronics, software or sensors to the internet. A great network of devices is therefore able to communicate not only with humans but also with other devices. The more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems should result in more efficient and accurate processes and an economic benefit. Wearable technology is still far from mainstream which is why technologies are working hard on designing wearables that don’t actually look like you are wearing technology. Sensors directly woven into clothing like Google’s project Jacquard are one of the examples of how IoT could work. The sectors where Internet of Things is being used range from the just discussed wearables to smart cities, connected homes, healthcare and many more.

LoRaWAN Network dedicated to the Internet of Things

South Korea’s internet speeds are already among the fastest in the world but with the new network Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom just introduced, the country will take the next step via improved connectivity.

The term for the network in question is LoRaWAN which stands for “long-range wide-area network” and is designed for internet-connected, battery-operated objects. The network should offer a cheaper and more power-efficient alternative to Wi-Fi, cellular networks or Bluetooth, used for the Internet of Things.

South Korea is going to be the first country where the IoT network will be rolled out countrywide, but concerning a citywide rollout Amsterdam is already one step ahead. The LoRaWAN network was launched last August in Netherland’s capital.

Where the LoRaWAN Network will be used first

Daegu is South Korea’s fourth largest city and will be the first place where the IoT network will be launched in June. By the middle of this year Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom’s network should be available throughout the whole country. 
With testing the LoRaWAN network in Daegu the companies want to build up an infrastructure for solutions in the fields of renewable energy, cloud platforms and healthcare big data analytics. Another range of application will be streetlights that should be able to adjust their brightness based on the current weather situation.


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