Anyline Launches a New Tire Sidewall Scanner for E-Commerce to Boost Online Sales

Single Photo Converts All Analog Tire Sidewall Information into Digital Data

Jonathan Stotts

Senior PR & Communications Manager

Oct 03, 2023

VIENNA, October 3, 2023 Anyline, a global leader in mobile data capture and data insights, introduced a new Tire Sidewall Scanner that captures all the information on a tire sidewall with one single photo. This product will revolutionize online tire retail, which has lagged behind other e-commerce sectors due in part to the lack of knowledge that customers have about their tires. Additionally it will help businesses quickly identify and track tires for inventory management and warehousing.  

With Anyline Tire Sidewall Scanner, users simply open the camera on their smartphone to take a photo of the sidewall of any passenger tire. Anyline instantly captures analog tire information – DOT/TIN, tire size, tire make and model – and converts it into digital data. By harnessing Anyline’s more than 10 years of experience in computer vision and machine learning, the Tire Sidewall Scanner removes the possibility of human error and is five times faster than recording the information manually. Every image is sent and processed using Anyline Cloud API, giving organizations the flexibility to capture data via app, website, chatbot or messaging service. 

“Our Tire Sidewall Scanner is a perfect fit for e-commerce, where 72% of drivers do not know much about their tires, resulting in 29% or more being hesitant to buy tires online,” says Lukas Kinigadner, CEO and co-founder, Anyline.  “Every tire e-commerce platform needs tire size or vehicle information to provide accurate product recommendations, but the average person often doesn’t know where to find this information, which can contribute to 20%+ return rates for tire retailers. Everyone, however, knows how to take a photo of a tire with their phone and taking a picture of a tire is much easier and more accurate than finding the tire size and typing it into a text box.” 

 Anyline Tire Sidewall Scanner is also ideal for tire inventory management and tire hotels as it helps to optimize workflows by easily digitizing analog tire information. The software can be easily integrated into handheld devices or fixed mounted camera systems.  

Anyline has already succesfully launched a number of mobile data capture solutions for capturing tire and vehicle data which are used by industry leaders like Europcar, Discount Tire, Cox Automotive and TireHub. For more information go to 


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