Man scans ids

OCR ID Scanning

Scan IDs, passports, driver's licenses, and much more.

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Anyline OCR ID Scanning Features

Configurable Scanning

Set scanner to record use case-relevant fields of interest only

ID Type Detection

Automatically recognize ID’s country or state of origin

Real-World Conditioning

Scan damaged or partially obscured IDs

Offline Processing

Keep scanned personal data secure and private

Composite Scanning

Combine multiple scanning solutions from Anyline on one device

Easy Integration

Built with versatility in mind, Anyline easily integrates into native or web apps

How to integrate Anyline SDK

Mobile Apps

Integrate Anyline SDK into your App in just a couple of days. Available natively on iOS, Android and Windows, as well cross-platform on React Native, Xamarin and Cordova.

Web Apps

Integrate Anyline SDK onto your website in a matter of hours with our JavaScript (only for MRZ documents) or API implementation 

Full List of Supported IDs & Countries

Take a closer look at the growing list of identity documents that you are able to scan with Anyline universal ID scanning.
Anyline-Universal-ID scanning

Are you a developer? Or just love details? Check out our specs.