man scanning tires in a tire warehouse

Tire Sidewall Scanning

Instantly capture all tire information

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Anyline Tire Scanning Features

Real-World Conditioning

Scan low-contrast tire sidewall information

Continuous Scanning

Capture tire data 5 times faster than manually

Automatic Orientation

Scan tire sidewall numbers when they are upside down

Batch Processing

Get more tire data in a single upload with the Cloud API

One Shot Approach

With a single photo you can capture all tire sidewall info (on Cloud API)

Easy Integration

Built with versatility in mind, Anyline easily integrates into apps, websites and more

Return on Investment*

*Calculations are based on 100k cars serviced per year.

How to integrate Anyline SDK

Mobile Apps

Integrate Anyline SDK into your App in just a couple of days. Available natively on iOS, Android and Windows, as well cross-platform on React Native, Xamarin, Flutter and Cordova.

Web-based Apps

Integrate Anyline onto your website in a matter of hours with our JavaScript or API implementation.

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