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License plates are needed for identification and registration processes. You can scan license plates and run the extracted data through your back-end. There’s no need to write the characters down, or type them into a device. These processes work lightning fast and secure with Anyline. Just use your smartphone and scan one license plate after another. Just like that!

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Use Cases


Big companies with a high number of cars, such as car rentals need to be able to quickly process the registration of all their cars. To improve their processes they can easily scan license plates instead of writing them down or typing them in.


For highway agencies, license plate scanning can be useful when cataloging the movements of traffic. Electronic toll collection or pay-per-use roads can also profit from the automatic recognition and scanning of license plates. It’s easy to identify and verify cars with Anyline.


The police can scan license plates to facilitate processes like checking if a vehicle is registered or licensed. This reduces the administration duties for police and increases their activity levels. Scanning license plates can also be used for law enforcement purposes.

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