Drive Safer with Anyline TIN Scanning. Scan Black on Black.

Scan your Vehicle Tires in an instant with your mobile device.


Know Everything about Your Wheels

Anyline tire identification number (TIN) scanning tells you everything you need to know about your tires.

Find out the age, manufacture location and tire specifications.

Simply point your mobile device at your wheel to instantly collect and digitize the data.

Tire Dot Number Scanner SDK

Scan Your Tires Anywhere and Anytime

Our robust TIN Scanning technology has been designed to work in all conditions, even when offline.

This means your users can inspect their tires wherever they are, with confidence in the quality of the results.

Anyline Benefits

Anyline Benefits

Location & connection independent

Fast & highly accurate

Data capture incl. verification image

No data entry errors

Continuous scanning

The Scanning Solution for Your Needs

Anyline can provide the Tire Identification – DOT scanning solution to fit your needs on multiple development platforms.

Our expert support throughout your process – from beginning through to launch and beyond ensures a smooth integration.

Anyline TIN – DOT is available for Mobile SDKs.

Tire Identification with Anyline

Instantly Detect Older & Recalled Tires

Using mobile scanning is not only more accurate than manual data gathering, it’s also 20 times faster!

TIN scanning lets you instantly identify older or recalled tires, and eliminates human error from your tire inspection process.

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Jiri Vyskocil
Jiri VyskocilAnyline Solutions Expert