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License Plate Scanning: Efficiency Boost for Businesses

Discover how mobile license plate scanning gets used by businesses to optimize work processes, reduce costs & efficient workforce management.

License plates are what connect a car to an owner’s registration and in many cases, act as a form of vehicle identification for various applications. That’s where our License Plate Scanner comes into play! In this article, you will discover why & how mobile license plate scanning is going to improve your processes.

The most important aspects of this right ahead:

  • Fast Data Processing & Removal of Manual Errors
  • Data Security via Offline Mode & Verification Images
  • No Need for Special Hardware & Devices


Parking Lot Surveillance Optimization

Retail and shopping centers have a high frequency of customers on a daily basis, often leading to limited parking availability during peak times. Private companies get hired as a result to check and maintain the vehicles in the parking lot at regular intervals. This process is traditionally quite tedious for the officer and can occupy a large amount of time but can be easily optimized using mobile license plate scanning.

The officer simply needs to scan the license plate, and with easy integration into a backend system or management tool, is enabled to have instant feedback on that vehicle’s parking status. As soon as a car has exceeded the limited time of the parking lot, the officer can get this information via mobile push notification and is able to issue a ticket – all within seconds and without the need for any additional effort. This is much faster than any manual process, requires less complexity and procedure, and has industry-leading accuracy and data security.

Vehicle Access Control Solution

Stationary access controls for vehicles are common, but in many cases, are costly and not the best solution for vehicle access control. In situations such as at events, fairs, or festivals, factors like flexibility and mobility are extremely important. Optimized mobile vehicle access control is a priority at all events which take place in different locations.

Imagine a large and highly attended music festival, such as Coachella in California. Event organizers need to bring in all the material for the stages, audio equipment, food containers, fences, sanitary facilities, etc. to a single access point in which organizers will need to check the access rights for those transporters entering the restricted area. During this process, arrival and departure lists are all manually checked, a tedious and time-consuming task for all parties involved. Mobile license plate scanning allows the event location team to check every vehicle in and out without even having to talk to the drivers, let alone creating backed up lines

Data Security via Offline Mode & Verification Images

As vehicles are constantly on the move, the ability to check license plates anywhere, even in places without a data connection, is paramount. With Anyline license plate scanning, this is a non-issue thanks to our exclusive offline data capture ability. Each data capture is completely processed directly on the device itself, using the mobile device computing power to turn to digitize the license plate data.

Depending on the specific use case, it may be important to have the data captured kept offline and away from 3rd parties or on the web in any cloud solution. Our mobile license plate scanning solution has a batch upload feature, which gives your workforce the ability to upload the data directly to your own backend system without any need to go through 3rd party applications or external servers.

An additional safety feature is the verification image which gets stored with every scan. Anyline’s license plate scanner takes an image of each license plate scanned, which is saved directly on the device and as backup information in your backend system, depending on how the process is set up with each use case. This means, that full traceability of the documentation is kept at all times.

No Need for Special Hardware & Devices

By using mobile license plate scanning, employees simply need their regular smartphones to capture this data. There is no need to invest in expensive reading devices or any other special hardware. This not only speeds up the integration time when transition to a mobile data capturing solution but also reduces the time needed for training and onboarding.


License plate scanning optimizes a wide variety of different workflow processes while removing manual entry errors from your data set. In turn, this makes documentation easier to process and read as well as keeping it significantly more secure. With only a regular smartphone in hand,  implementing Anyline’s license plate scanner will enable a focused effort on the business processes that matter most, not something as basic as data collection.


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