Global Blue Mobile B2B Solution – The IC2 Mobile


IC2 Mobile is part of the new in-store Tax Free solution from Global Blue. It was developed to allow retailers to capture Globe Shoppers’ passport and credit card details using the smart phone or tablet camera. The advantage for merchants all over the globe is to save time at the till, avoid mistakes and tedious handwriting, as well as save resources.

Release Notes 3.18

Anyline 3.18 is now available. Get started with the mobile OCR SDK for free. You can test it out on both Android & iOS. The latest version of Anyline features improved MRZ and License Plate scanning!

Release Notes 3.16

Check out our latest improvements to the Anyline SDK. Release Notes 3.16 includes all the improvements, fixes and upgrades to our mobile OCR software!

A Sustainable Solution for Utility Management

Managing properties & facilities is a complicated matter. One of the main challenges is the efficient & sustainable management of energy & other utilities. Buildings are the greatest consumer of energy and other utilities such as water and gas. Following up on this, the US National Association of Realtors® states:

5 key takeaways from the WeAreDevelopers Conference


Two weeks ago the WeAreDevelopers Conference took place in our hometown Vienna. More than 3000 Developers joined the conference to hear talks From Joel Spolsky, CEO of Stack Overflow and CoFounder of Trello, Håkon Wium Lie, inventor of CSS and Rasmus Lerdorf, inventor of PHP, to name only 3 out of >70 speakers!

Meter Reading Scanning Best Practice Guide

Measuring electricity and gas consumption is something that almost everyone has to do, once, or several times a year. Not only the consumer, but also the utility companies offering the service must periodically check on the consumption. Having a large workforce manually scanning hundreds of meters is time consuming and expensive.


Anyline scans codes printed on bottle caps so you can create digital marketing campaigns with ease. Once your customers scan their codes, they get instant results about the competition or giveaway that you’re running. There’s no need to check online or wait for results, creating a smooth customer experience.


Wikitude, the leading Augmented Reality engine, has opened up its SDK 5.0 via a plugin framework. The Anyline SDK was one of the first partners to implement the plugin in order to connect object and text recognition without problems. Find out more about the perfect connection of our SDK and Augmented Reality.

Upcoming Wearable Technology Conferences


On one hand smart glasses and wearable technology is notorious for being bulky and unpleasant to wear, on the other hand it is revolutionizing the industrial sector. Their features are constantly being improved so they can be used by companies to better facilitate work processes.

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta has understood the impact Augmented Reality will have on business solutions and backend systems. Whether it comes to warehousing, service design, document automation or meter readings – Konica Minolta is our partner for Augmented Reality business solutions.

Computer Vision Meetup 1st Anniversary


We did it! We've finished our first year as founders and hosts of the first Computer Vision Meetup in Vienna! A year ago we thought it couldn’t be that hard to host a meetup because all you need for it is already there - or almost there: a good location, interesting people, thrilling talks, great marketing and free drinks.

Case Study: mySugr Importer


mySugr is a diabetes service company that was founded in Vienna in 2012. Their apps and web services work in a way that eases the daily therapy routines and supports people with diabetes in their dealings with it. For example they offer a Diabetes Logbook or a Junior Logbook app for kids who have diabetes as well as the mySugr Importer that makes the data transfer from blood sugar meters easier than ever. In short, they make diabetes suck less!

Building Loyalty With Mobile Marketing

Loyalty is a constant focus for businesses. Now, in the age of mobile, customer loyalty is more important than ever. Optimising push notifications, in-app messaging, targeting, automation and AB testing all lead to increasing retention rates.

Monthly Computer Vision Meetup Roundup #8


This time people gathered at the shared office "Die Manege" for a very Microsoft focused meetup! We had the pleasure to welcome Microsoft Tech Evangelist Rina Ahmed for a very informative talk about all kinds of Cognitive Services APIs her company offers. Afterwards we jumped to the Microsoft HoloLens, started with an intro to the technical specifications and in how to develop on the HoloLens. The highlight was kept until the end: A live demo and the hands-on try out for all attendees!

Snapchat introduces new augmented reality feature

We’ve recently published a blog post about Snapchat apparently venturing into the smart glasses business. A feature they've just introduced suggests that they will continue working with augmented reality. Just a few weeks after Snapchat did a massive overhaul of their chat system, the app released a new futuristic feature: 3D stickers.

5 Things to Remember when Marketing a Product which solely consists of Code

Are you one of the lucky marketers who are tasked with marketing an untouchable product? In terms of SaaS products we all do market non-physical products, but once we arrive at the point, where the actual product can only be “touched” via software applications like Android Studio or XCode, we’re one layer deeper into the technology. We’ve arrived at a fascinating and somehow dark place: SDK marketing.


When it comes to smartglasses opinions diverge massively. Some think they are the future. They think the products will keep getting better and have a great impact on how we live and work. Others are convinced that they are still way too bulky to wear and not developed enough to be applicable across industries.



By focusing a marketing campaign around one distinct piece of information like a defined hashtag or the act of collecting certain codes, customers and users can be engaged with ease. Still, the “WOW” effect often comes from an outstanding mobile user experience and a well designed interface. Anyline can be added to your mobile app in an instant to provide this customer experience.


Typing long IBAN numbers is tedious and cumbersome. Give your customers the comfort of being able to transfer money by simply scanning the IBAN number on a payment slip! With the Anyline IBAN Scanner you can effortlessly scan the number with your smartphone and be sure not to make a mistake in typing. The IBAN Scanner makes banking processes easier than ever!


Anyline is flying to Berlin in October in order to attend the AWE 2016. A little bit about the event: The Augmented World Expo was originally held once a year in Santa Clara – in Silicon Valley. This year they started to expand to Asia and Europe in order to cater to the mass of companies working with AR technologies in other parts of the world.


Keep a perfect record of your documents with Anyline’s document scanning feature. It’s highly accurate and creates instant scans so you never need to type again. Scan your documents and immediately upload them to your database with ease to optimize your document management processes.


A lot of contracts and purchases happen online these days. But there are still some processes where you have to deal with paperwork. Wouldn’t it be nice to store all your data in one place? Scan your documents with your smartphone and you can store them in the cloud or keep them in digital form on your device. Have confidential data? Don’t worry, our technology works offline and your data will only be saved in your local storage.


Collecting all the invoices for your accounting is – well – annoying. With the Anyline Document Scanner, you can scan your bills and digitize them in the blink of an eye. The image gets cropped and adjusted by default. This process combined with the Anyline OCR SDK allows you to extract text, such as the payment amount or the due date, in complete form. Make your life easier by implementing the technology of Anyline in your mobile application.

First Viennese Computer Vision Meetup Roundup


Last Tuesday the first Viennese Computer Vision Meetup took place at our office “Die Manege”. Due to the fact that there is a great potential concerning that specific field in Vienna, the idea is to host this meetup once a month and establish a network, focused on Computer Vision topics, idea exchange and joint brainstorming.

Anyline SDK 3.6 “EURO 2016” Release Notes


Fully focused on the UEFA Euro 2016 (also known as EM 2016, if you’re still not happy with the outcome and supporting our German neighbors), we tried to inject the same kind of excitement and fan base into our own SDK 3.6 release, by aligning the theme and therefore naming. Surprisingly the excited fans kept being excited fans of their respective teams, and in the evenings time spent on developing was usually kept short by 2 x 45 minutes.

Anyline SDK 3.5 “Brotzeit” Release Notes


We kicked off Q2 by trying to understand the users in all steps of their contact with the SDK. “We’re improving reporting options in order to find out more about how our users scan outside the Anyline office”, Matthias Gasser reports. To make our releases and sprints even more fun, our development team decided to give our releases – let me say – random but inspiring names 😉

Anyline at the European Utility Week 2015

Last week one of the biggest industry shows in Europe was hosted in our beautiful and smart city Vienna: the European Utility Week. With more than 400 global exhibitors, innovative technologies and interesting talks, the European Utility Week attracted its 12.000 visitors. Since we are proud of having been one of those global exhibitors we want to share some insights of the trade fair with you.

Samsung files smart contact lens patent

We’ve recently given you a list of smart glasses that are currently on the market and we’ve talked about the trend of lighter and more wearable ones. But what if you don’t even have to wear smart glasses to get the full augmented reality experience, what if you could simply wear contact lenses? Samsung could make that possible!

Release Notes 3.3

There are release notes, and there are release notes. If you're planning to have a look at the list of wonderful new features, please do so right here below. If you're only interested in how our team managed to get through the last 2 months of hard work, testing and bug fixing, simply scroll down to see the pictures. Enjoy!

AndroidHeads meet Anyline


Two weeks ago we had the honor of hosting the monthly AndroidHeads meetup in our cool new office space “Die Manege”. Not only did we have about 15 very interested Android developers in our office, we also had the opportunity to introduce Anyline and give a talk ourselves.


The police can scan license plates to facilitate processes like checking if a vehicle is registered or licensed. This reduces the administration duties for police and increases their activity levels. Scanning license plates can also be used for law enforcement purposes.


For highway agencies, license plate scanning can be useful when cataloging the movements of traffic. Electronic toll collection or pay-per-use roads can also profit from the automatic recognition and scanning of license plates. It’s easy to identify and verify cars with Anyline.



End of April we hosted the 6ᵗʰ Computer Vision Meetup in our office “Die Manege”. We had the honour that one of our most seen member of the meetup Dr. Gayane Shalunts presented her PhD thesis about “Classification of the architectural style of a Romanesque, Gothic or Baroque building facade through a Computer Vision Tool”.


Big companies with a high number of cars, such as car rentals need to be able to quickly process the registration of all their cars. To improve their processes they can easily scan license plates instead of writing them down or typing them in.

Monthly Computer Vision Meetup Roundup #3


We started into the new year with a new edition of our Computer Vision Get-togethers! We're very excited about all the talks, discussions and try-out workshops in 2016 and we'll do our best do keep improving our meetups so you'll get the best out of it. Hopefully many of you will join us along the ride and be part of our community!


If you offer tax refunds at a store or airport or you provide POS terminals, Anyline can simplify the process and make it much more convenient for you and your customers! By scanning the passport number and letting your customers skip the tax-free paperwork, the payment process is so much faster and easier! Scan the passport as your customers pay for their purchase and they’re good to go, with the tax already refunded! Easy as that!

Anyline goes North: Slush 2015

Together with about 15.000 people from exactly 100 different countries, we’ve got the chance to visit Helsinki and Slush from November 11-12. A tech conference turned rock festival, an exhibition center turned DJ and party stage, a city turned tech hub.


The passport & ID* implementation lets you easily extract all the important information from IDs* and passports right on the spot with your smartphone! At conferences or for physical access control for explicit buildings or rooms – Anyline is your reliable partner for extracting data from Travel Documents. You can run the extracted information through your backend database to check if it is correct. With its automated flashlight option, Anyline also works under poor lighting conditions. The scanning process works about 20 times faster than the manual data entry of a person’s details.*only IDs including MRZ


Anyline will optimize and simplify your workflow! Use your smartphone to read passports while you’re still agile since you’re not bound to a specific reading device. Anyline provides a high accuracy rate and doesn’t require a server connection, increasing the speed of detection even more. No sensitive data leaves the mobile device!

Anyline was featured on ProductHunt!

Spring has officially begun! And we can report – spring feelings are definitely a thing as our lovely Anyline SDK got hunted down on Product Hunt this morning and has received so much love and appraisal already. Therefore I’d like to thank the community and our new fans for the support and will dive into a quick history lesson about what happened between Anyline launched as a company and our Product Hunt fame!

Monthly Computer Vision Roundup #2 2017


Welcome back to our Computer Vision Roundups, our February Meetup was an almost-February-Meetup, taking place on March 1st. Good thing all of you got the memo - we were delighted to have started the year with so many more members in our Computer Vision Group on and more new faces at our regular meetups!

Is the Old Economy Ready for Startups?

More and more corporations are trying to work closer together with startups or even become a little like them. Innovative, fast-moving, flexible. But are the big firms ready for startups and their innovative solutions? What are the obstacles when it comes to a corporate – startup cooperation?

Will smart glasses surpass smartphones?


Given our efforts to technologically update all our features, which enable a better cooperation with our AR partner Wikitude and our efforts to work on solutions for smart glasses providers and potential customers like Epson, we’d like to give you an update on the best smart glasses of 2016 until now.


Integrating Anyline into energy efficiency apps provides added value to the applications. That way users can track the whole process of their energy consumption. Using the app to read their meters themselves and being able to control their energy consumption brings energy efficiency to a more personal level and gets people more involved in the process.


Meter upkeep and reading is a time-intensive process. You can try using a special device or old fashioned techniques such as a pen and paper. But these methods can lead to inaccurate readings. Scanning several meters within a short period of time will automate your business and gather the right data for enterprise analytics.

Nationwide network for IoT in South Korea

A few days ago Samsung Electronics announced that together with SK Telecom they will build a wireless network for the Internet of Things (IoT) that will cover all of South Korea. Both companies claim this network to be the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

Mobile Development in .NET – Part 1 of -2147483648

I've been porting our Anyline SDK from Android/iOS to Xamarin and Windows Phone for the past months and it has been quite a journey so far. While still working on the Windows Phone release, I can definitly say that I've come a long way and I'm going to share my experience with you.

Xamarin! C# meets Android & iOS

I've been longing to write about this topic for quite a while now, so todays blog post will be my first blog post about Xamarin! Many of you probably have already heard of Xamarin, some of you are probably using it already - and those who do, know the struggle, but also the glory of it! :)

Why and how OCR improves sustainability

In today’s post I'll explore the topic of OCR and sustainability - are you ready for my findings? There are a lot of reasons, which have a positive impact on the environment. I focused on 4 reasons, in particular paper, transportation, production of electric devices and personnel expenses.

Multi Frame Integration for OCR

Reflection and bad lighting conditions can be a big issue when your are performing OCR on a document. You are tediously trying to find a proper angle permitting the retrieval of all the relevant information at once. Even if you’re able to scan the document, the result could be poor or incomplete. Looking at more than a single frame and integrate the redundant information of multiple frames can enhance your OCR experience.

Why is Anyline Unique?

Blowing one's own trumpet normally isn't something one should do. But when you have a great product that offers various benefits you shouldn't hide it either. We have an amazing technology, some even might say one of the best OCR SDKs out there.

Machine Learning for Newbies


In recent years there has been a huge uprise and general interest in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. You could say these technologies have almost become mainstream by now. The term “machine learning” (ml) was first defined in 1959 as “the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”.

Why OCR makes Augmented Reality work better

The Augmented Reality “Hype". With technology companies ascribing great potential to Virtual and Augmented Reality a lot of industries are trying to jump on the bandwagon and develop AR and VR applications themselves. The technologies are indeed very helpful for different verticals.

Low-end Android devices and the “Exposure Triangle”

In today’s blog post we will take a look at the theory of photography and its connection to the cameras available on low-end Android devices. In particular, we will check out a theoretical construct called the “Exposure Triangle”, and how we can improve the overall quality of the input-stream of frames from the mobile device’s camera and consequently also the user experience.

Introduction to Graph Theory – Part 1

In today's blog post we will take a look at graphs - how and why they were invented, what they actually are, and what are their applications. Even though it is basically mathematics, and not so many people like mathematics :D , I will do my best not to go too deep into the mathematical part, and rather try to explain it on simple examples.


Hello and welcome to our third Anyline tutorial! We will show you How you can build a Custom Use Case with the Anyline OCR SDK! We are going to build a password scanner for preset wifi passwords. This is just one of the endless use cases you can build with the Anyline OCR module. Feel free to try it out, and show your creativity with your own scanning use case.



As a developer working with Tesseract you know the struggle: Training a font file for Tesseract takes time and effort. One way of the many ways to accomplish the training, is to create many images of your font which will be used to train the Tesseract. You run the images through Tesseract, correct the outcome and do it over and over again until the font is readable. This process seems so annoying, one might even describe it as: " Worst process for a human, ever" ;)

Change Management

Switching from analog to digital meters? Anyline is the perfect tool for handling the change over. You can use it to log the ownership and location of all your meters before and after the switch. This will ensure a smooth transition that will be recorded perfectly thanks to Anyline’s highly accurate scanning.


Your workforce can use Anyline to optimize their processes. It takes faster readings than manual data entry and maintains a perfect record of its readings. It works on almost any mobile device, removing the need for training on specialized readers or embedded devices.


Anyline lets your customers take their own meter readings. It can read all kinds of utility meters, even in low light or without an internet connection. This will reduce your reading costs and give you more accurate readings while customers become more engaged with the reading process.

Tax-Free Shopping

Anyline removes the paperwork from tax-free shopping, making this luxury experience even more enjoyable. You can use Anyline to perform secure scans of passports at your airport store or POS in an instant. This allows customers to concentrate on shopping and saves you time.

Hotel self-service check-in

Make hotel check-in as simple as possible with Anyline. Your guests can scan their ID or passport for self-service check-in in no time. This novel approach is sure to improve guest experience and save costs by reducing waiting and processing times upon first arrival.

Check-in at Hotels

You can make hotel check-in easier than ever before with Anyline. Scan guest IDs and passports and remove the need for form fills and manual data entry. These traditional processes can take up to 20x longer to collect the same amount of data as Anyline.

Check-in at Airports

Improve the airport experience by scanning passport MRZs via mobile device during check-in. Scanning MRZs is 20x faster than performing traditional manual data entry and more accurate. This will reduce waiting times and make your processes more efficient.

Tax-Free Shopping

Anyline removes the paperwork from tax-free shopping, making this luxury experience even more enjoyable. You can use Anyline to perform secure scans of passports at your airport store or POS in an instant. This allows customers to concentrate on shopping and saves you time.

Scan Vouchers via Smartphone

Make your vouchers scannable to provide customers with a convenient way to participate in your promotions. Your customers will be able to carry your vouchers with them at all times once they’re stored on their phones. This paperless solution will increase customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

The new kind of Receipts

Turn your receipts into scannable coupons and vouchers to engage your customers on a regular basis. They can use their phones to scan promotional codes, ensuring their return without fear of losing the receipt. This convenient approach to promotion leads to a smoother customer experience and increased loyalty.

SIM Registration

Let customers register their new prepaid SIM from any location with a dedicated mobile app featuring Anyline. It can read registration numbers, codes and IDs without taking photos or violating any other data privacy laws. Onboard new customers like never before!

Collecting Customer Data


Anyline can scan MRZs and IDs 20x faster than manual data entry. Streamline your onboarding process by letting customers scan their details rather than filling out forms. The transfer of data only begins with an active internet connection so scans are secure while maintained on your customer’s device.

Border control

Scan IDs and Passport MRZs 20x faster than manual data collection and entry with Anyline. Its secure scanning can reduce waiting times and optimize data collection at your border control. Plus, decreased waiting times ensures higher traveler satisfaction levels and compliance.

Document Management

Keep a perfect record of your documents with Anyline’s document scanning feature. It’s highly accurate and creates instant scans so you never need to type again. Scan your documents and immediately upload them to your database with ease to optimize your document management processes.

Parking control

Anyline scans license plates in an instant, even without an internet connection. You can use it to eliminate manual data collection and reporting from the parking control process. This reduces the amount of time spent on administrative tasks and creates more time to focus on parking control.

Document Scanner for Finances

You can scan sensitive financial documents with Anyline in a secure manner. Anyline works without an internet connection so none of your data needs to visit the cloud. Plus, Anyline scans all kinds of documents in an instant so it’s much faster than creating digital copies of your most sensitive financial data.

ID for Account Opening

You can make opening an account simple for new customers with Anyline. Customers can scan their IDs and send secure uploads to your backend. This process is 20x faster than manual data entry and creates a smoother customer experience during initial onboarding.

ID for know your Customer Program

Your customers can use Anyline to scan their ID or Passport MRZ for instant access to online and in-bank services. Our secure solution is 20x faster than manual data entry and removes the need for form fills. Add Anyline to your processes and optimize the banking experience for your customers.

Attendance check of General Exams

Ensure that you take the perfect attendance check before exams begin with Anyline. You can take instant scans of student IDs and passport MRZs to check attendance, even without an internet connection. Anyline will then put together a secure and unalterable attendance record.

Scan Enrolment Documents for Onboarding

Create the best enrollment experience possible for new students with Anyline. By scanning enrollment documents, you’ll create a perfect record of admission and reduce the time taken to complete your processes. This removes stress for students and reduces the workload for staff.

Access Control for Exam Admissions

Anyline is the perfect tool for access control on your school campus. Scan student IDs and passport MRZs prior to admission exams for full access control. This will significantly reduce the duration of administrative processes prior to the exam and creates a less stressful exam experience for students.

License Plate Scanning

Enjoy full access control for your event with Anyline’s license plate scanner. You can scan all license plates as they enter and leave your premises. This removes the need for paper receipts and decreases the wait time for entry and exit to your event.

Bottle cap scanning

Anyline scans codes printed on bottle caps so you can create digital marketing campaigns with ease. Once your customers scan their codes, they get instant results about the competition or giveaway that you’re running. There’s no need to check online or wait for results, creating a smooth customer experience.

Entrance validation to clubs

Anyline scans IDs 20x faster than people and works in all light conditions. Its high accuracy means more secure access control for your venue and decreased wait times for entry. You can reduce the friction of attending your venue and save money on security costs with Anyline.

ID Scanning

Anyline processes information from IDs and MRZs 20 times faster than a human. This reduces waiting times for passengers at airport gates or travelers at border control. You can also upload the collected data to your backend to create a perfect record of the IDs that were scanned.

Visitor Tracking for Offices

You can use Anyline to control visitor access in your place of work. A quick scan of a visitor ID can upload their data to your backend where you can decide their permissions. After that, they’ll be able to use their ID to enter all authorized areas of your office on their own.

Car Rental Registration

You can rent cars and vehicles to customers from remote locations using Anyline. Customers can scan their ID and upload their details to your backend from anywhere with an internet connection. This reduces friction in the user experience and optimizes your processes.