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NEWSOctober 11, 2021

Evidence Collection: How Mobile Technology Enhances Police Data Gathering

NEWSOctober 11, 2021

How Data Capture Helps Dealers With Tire Registrations Laws

NEWSOctober 11, 2021

How Data Capture Can Improve Tire Recall Success Rate

NEWSOctober 8, 2021

Stimulating Digital Change for Energy Providers

NEWSOctober 4, 2021

How OCR Solutions improve Ticket Scanning Apps

NEWSOctober 4, 2021

How Mobile Data Capture Improves Tire Maintenance for Car Fleets

NEWSSeptember 21, 2021

How OCR Can Help You Retain the Value of Tire Stock

NEWSSeptember 20, 2021

How Utilities Can Reduce Non-Technical Losses

NEWSSeptember 16, 2021

AT&C Losses: Key Facts and Solutions

NEWSSeptember 16, 2021

How OCR Technologies Improve the Performance of Police officers

NEWSAugust 23, 2021

Police Paperwork: How to Decrease the Burden with Mobile Data Capture

NEWSAugust 17, 2021

How Regulated Utilities can Enhance Customer Loyalty with Meter Scanning

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NEWSOctober 15, 2021

Anyline 34: Cyrillic script support and extended coverage in Africa and Middle-East

NEWSSeptember 10, 2021

Anyline to be part of Deep Analysis’ 2021 Innovation Index

NEWSSeptember 7, 2021

Anyline 33: Extended ID Coverage for the Middle East & United States

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