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How the Mobile Tire Tread Scanner will change the Automotive Industry

The mobile tire tread reader is one of the most exciting innovations to come from the automotive service industry in recent years. It helps make roads safer and makes inaccurate tire tread measurements a thing of the past. Here’s why you need to take a closer look:

In this blog, we’ll talk about the following:

  1. What are some conventional measuring methods?
  2. How does a mobile tire tread scanner work?
  3. Short term benefits of the mobile tire tread scanner
  4. Long term benefits of the mobile tire tread scanner
  5. A gateway into the world of automotive service upgrades

Conventional measuring methods

What’s the big deal about a mobile tire tread scanner? Consider the traditional process of tire tread measuring to see why this new method matters.

Traditional manual measuring

Most garages and tire retailers have used a manual measuring tool to read the tire tread, and these tools do work. However, they are unnecessarily complicated.

Most are single-use devices, which makes them less sustainable, and they tend to be expensive, especially since they can only accomplish one thing in the garage. Replacing expensive disposable equipment like this often isn’t affordable. The requirement for the technician to write down the results on a piece of paper further complicates the process and raises the possibility of human error.

Unsafe measuring tactics

Vehicle owners are advised to check their tires frequently, but the majority don’t. If they do so, they use unreliable measuring tactics like the penny test or the quarter test.

A mobile tire tread scanner is a better solution. This cutting-edge method uses software to make sure the tread is completely recorded and measured correctly, ensuring accuracy.

Short term benefits

There are many advantages to integrating a mobile tire tread reading solution, and these advantages will start to affect your company’s operations right away. 

Proactive Customer Engagement

By giving customers real-time tire tread depth measurements, a mobile tread depth reading solution enables tire service operators to engage with customers in a proactive manner. With the help of this technology, operators can spot potential tire problems before they endanger drivers and contact customers to arrange for the required maintenance. Additionally, the mobile component of the solution makes it simple for customers to check their own tire tread depth, motivating them to take charge of tire maintenance. This increased communication and awareness can lead to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Saving You Money

A mobile data capture solution can save tire service operators money by eliminating the need for expensive dedicated machines or devices. These solutions allow operators to use their own mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, to perform tire tread depth readings and other data capture tasks. As a result, there is no longer a need for pricey dedicated machines that can be expensive to buy and maintain. Mobile devices are also less expensive and easier to use than specialized equipment, which can be challenging to find and use. The mobile devices can also perform multiple functions rather than just one, which can provide cost savings and increase efficiency. Overall, this can help tire service operators save money while improving the quality of their service.

A gateway into the world of automotive service upgrades

The use of a mobile tire tread scanner relies on mobile data capture technology, which has a wide range of uses. It makes it possible for the automotive service sector to scan, process, and access data in real time, giving both customers and technicians access to real-time, accurate information about their vehicles. This increased ability to complete a total digital vehicle inspection (DVI) significantly improved the technician’s productivity on all levels. 

Its versatile use is evident in a number of functions, including these:

  • Vehicle Identification Number Scanning (VIN): The VIN must be verified in all vehicle repairs. With Anyline technology, this 17-digit VIN, which is present on windshields or the body of the car, is easily documented and validated. It is highly accurate and done with a simple scan. It can also read vehicle registration certificates, which can help capture vehicle-specific data necessary for the repair.
  • License Plate Scanning (LPT Scanning): Anyline’s LPT scanning allows for the quick capture of license plate data using a smart device, and that information is then stored offline. It can do this with European, U.S., and African license plates using a simple smartphone. This ensures quality and accuracy in gathering this information, eliminating the risk of human error.
  • Customer ID Scanning: Anyline’s technology can also help with the capturing of a customer’s personal data, eliminating the need to write down passport or driver’s license information. It can scan most types of identification cards and reads those in Latin, Arabic, and Cyrillic scripts while recognizing identification from around the world, including the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, and Africa.

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