3 Benefits of Mobile Driving License Scanning that will Save You Money

The benefits of driving license scanning: How mobile scanning technology is easy to perform, keeps data secure & delivers accurate results

Mobile scanning with optical character recognition (OCR) technology is the perfect solution for quickly processing detailed data from driver licenses. It’s simple to perform, it keeps data secure and it’s far more accurate than human beings when it comes to gathering data.

Anyline offers a cutting edge mobile scanning solution that you can integrate and test on the same day. Whether you’re performing security checks or onboarding new customers, mobile scanning technology improves user experience and helps you to optimize workflows and processes.


In addition, Anyline’s mobile scanning technology offers +99% accuracy in laboratory conditions. This high level of accuracy makes our mobile scanning OCR SDK the perfect tool to scan driving licenses. Whether you’re verifying a driver’s identity or registering a new customer for your car service, a simple driving license scan tells you all you need to know.

With Anyline’s high level of accuracy, you will get results you can trust as well, as mobile scanning outperforms human data entry – regarding accuracy as well as in regards to speed. Human error, distraction, and stress can all lead to typing mistakes that can corrupt your data. And corrupt data can cost your business money.

Mobile Driving License Scanning Works Everywhere

One of the biggest advantages of Anyline’s mobile solution for Driver’s Licenses scanning is that you can perform driving license scans even without an active internet connection. Anyline processes 100% of scan information on your mobile device.

You can perform scans at all roadside locations, in underground car parks, or any other remote location that isn’t readily serviced with an internet connection. As soon as your device regains its connection, your scan results are getting safely uploaded to your database or backend system to complete queries or to store the data for further processing.

The ability to scan in all locations and offline means that your customers and employees can engage with your app wherever they go. This will improve the customer experience of your service as you can offer a truly agile service.

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