Anyline Mobile Scanning Technology

Take a look under the hood to understand how our mobile scanning technology works.

Anyline is a mobile scanning SDK that lets you scan words, numbers and codes with the video camera of your mobile device, in real time. All data processing is completed on your device for fast and accurate results. Anyline mobile scanning technology works in all conditions so you can always scan the data necessary for your processes.

Easy Adaptability of Mobile Scanning Technology with Mobile OCR Modules

Easy Adaptability with Mobile OCR Modules

Anyline lets you add OCR scanning capabilities to your mobile app or website in an instant. No prior computer vision experience is required to embed and deploy the Anyline SDK.

You can take full advantage of mobile scanning technology by configuring which parameters you scan. Adjust the mobile OCR SDK to scan different font sizes, font layouts, character sets and colors. The SDK also comes with preconfigured OCR implementations. These help you to take your first steps in mobile scanning as soon as possible.

Full Cross-Platform Support

Anyline runs on a C++ core, ensuring easy integration of our mobile scanning technology on all major mobile platforms. You can add the Anyline SDK to your iOS and Android apps. It also runs on devices that are part of the Windows Universal Platform (UWP). Integration of mobile scanning with Cordova and Xamarin plugins or via React Native is ensured as well.

You also have the option of integrating mobile scanning and OCR technology with your apps for smart and augmented reality (AR) glasses. Anyline is supported on Google Glass, Vuzix, Epson and many more leading smart and AR glasses.

Full Cross-Platform Support for Mobile Scanning Integration & Mobile OCR
Complete UI Customization of Mobile Scanning Technology & Mobile OCR

Complete UI Customization

Anyline offers mobile scanning technology with the highest level of performance, but is easy to customize and integrate with your user experience as well. You maintain full control of the look and feel of your mobile app or website. Add feature highlighting, loading bars, or logos to your implementation as you wish.

The Anyline SDK includes configurable parameters so you can start applying computer vision and mobile scanning technology to your use case as soon as possible. Visual and haptic feedback as well as audio features are also included to make your user’s mobile scanning experience as easy and simple as possible.

Real-Time Recognition

Anyline’s mobile scanning technology processes and extracts information from your device’s video stream. This near real-time performance recognizes values within milliseconds, making it seem instant in the hands of your users.

There’s no need to take a photo of your scan target, just point your device at it and let the video camera of your mobile device do the work. Anyline processes multiple frames from your video stream to detect and read your scan target. Once the mobile scanning software knows what it’s looking at, it transforms the data into digital output. By having access to more than one camera frame image, our mobile scanning technology is able to deliver scan outputs with high accuracy.

Real-Time Recognition in Mobile Scanning Technology & Mobile OCR
Full Offline Functionality for Mobile Scanning & OCR

Full Offline Functionality

You can perform scans in any location using Anyline’s mobile scanning technology, thanks to the offline functionality of our mobile SDK. This makes it the perfect tool for scanning data in locations without signal, like cellars, tunnels, underground carparks or remote areas.

This offline functionality also makes Anyline a secure tool for scanning sensitive personal or financial data. None of your scan data needs to be sent to external cloud services for processing or storage. All scans are performed and stored on your mobile device until you decide to upload or transfer them to your own server backend or drive.

Why Developers Love Working with Anyline

“We at Pixelflush chose Anyline as innovative partner for the development of the Landskron Brewery app. Integrating the Anyline® SDK was a breeze. The fact that Anyline supports React Native made it particularly easy for us to develop our app for both Android and iOS simultaneously. This was a great advantage! The marketing campaign turned out to be a great success and we are very glad to have chosen the right business partner for it.”

Matthias Schmidt, Head of Development, Pixelflush

“Using Anyline`s state of the art scanning technology was one of the most innovative features we have offered in our program. Our users loved it.”

Jerolim Filippi, Head of Product & Sales, Red Bull MOBILE

“With Anyline we found the right partner to develop a smart recharging feature for prepaid customers. Anyline adds an innovative feature integrated in our yesss! App to easily scan the voucher codes with your camera – without typing on your smartphone keyboard every time.”

Helmut Jernej, Transformation, Market & Corp. Functions, yesss!