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Integrating a mobile tire tread depth reader into a mobile app through API  

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Jan 13, 2023

Despite tires being one of the most commonly overlooked parts of a vehicle, they are undeniably an essential element when keeping a vehicle safe on the road. Among the elements of a tire’s safety, which of course include tire pressure, sidewall condition, and manufacturing date, the tire tread depth is one of the most important safety concerns facing drivers, yet is often forgotten about. The tread on a tire, of course, is what allows a vehicle to grip the road in different conditions, providing traction and stability while ensuring the vehicle’s ability to perform safely in any situation. Worn-out tire tread can therefore lead to serious, life-threatening accidents that could have been easily avoided had the tread been more regularly maintained and checked.

As a leader in the data-capturing industry, we understand the importance of accurate and efficient tire tread readings. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative, industry-first mobile solution that allows operators to quickly and accurately measure tire tread depth using a common smartphone. Despite its technical capabilities, the solution is easy to integrate and use. In this document, we provide a detailed and technical overview of the solution’s functionality, including integration and data processing.


Customize the SDK to your needs

The SDK can be easily integrated into an already existing or newly developed app and can be initialized as part of the onCreate start routine of your app. You can even adjust the SDK according to your desires in terms of measuring units with the setSDKParameters() function. Those parameters allow you to choose between measuring in inches (imperial) or millimeters (metric). 

The initTire() function helps you measure your tire and returns a unique identifier (UUID) for the tire data set. This UUID proves itself to be useful if you want to retrieve the PDF report for the tire at a later time.

Enabling features for user-friendly handling

Another function of the TireTreadDepth SDK is the RecordingViewGroup() function, which works as a user-friendly guide for the recording process by providing instructions through the loudspeaker. Further assets of this function are the support for selfie sticks and the triggering of the recording via the volume buttons.

The SDK also includes a callbackUploadFinishedHandler, which allows the app to monitor the upload status of the images to the fast cloud servers. The upload starts while the image is still being captured, and the images are highly compressed, resulting in waiting times of less than a second on 4G or 5G connections.

Tread Depth image capture and processing

The SDK calls the app’s callbackResultHandlerMetric and callbackResultHandlerImperial procedures when the calculation, which uses GPU support, is finished. These routines receive the measured values in a straightforward data structure. A global tread depth value that describes the visible portion of the tire as a whole and three regional values are typically sent to the callback methods for each tire. The left, center, and right tread depths of the tire are indicated by the regional tread depth values. If only a portion of the tire was photographed, only the global tread depth value that is seen is calculated and returned.

Generating detailed results report

You can obtain the PDF report for a measured tire using the getReport() function as an optional sixth step. This allows you to track the performance of individual tires and vehicles over time, identify patterns and trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve the efficiency and safety of your operations. It can also enable you to provide your customers with detailed reports on the condition of their tires, promoting transparency and trust in your service. It sends a report on the measured tire to the mobile device. The measured values or the report can be retrieved by other systems, such as a cloud solution, with the known UUID for a recorded and measured tire.



The TireTreadDepth SDK is a powerful and user-friendly tool for measuring tire tread depth. With just a few simple steps, you can easily measure your tires and create detailed PDF reports that track the wear and tear of your tires over time. The SDK is highly customizable, allowing you to operate from any Android device and choose the units of measurement that are most convenient for your operations. For those in the tire service industry, this SDK is a must-have solution that will make your workers more productive, your data more accurate, and your customers more engaged and aware.

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