ID Scanning with Mobile Data Capture

How to Empower Your Workforce with an ID Scanner App

Mobile ID scanning is a versatile and reliable technology. You can use it to streamline onboarding and security processes in an instant. Your workforce can perform ID scans from any location, even without an internet connection. This means they can gather data with perfect results while remaining agile and secure.

Anyline offers a module specifically designed for mobile ID scanning that can read passport and ID MRZs with almost any mobile device. This will give them more time to focus on high quality service and reduce the need to spend valuable work hours on mundane tasks such as manual data entry.

Find out if mobile ID scanning is the right tool to get the results you need from your workforce. If you think you’re ready to try it for yourself, you can get started with our free 30 day SDK trial.


Mobile ID Scanning Is Secure

One of the top concerns of businesses and customers, when ID scanning comes into question, is security. Most of us are comfortable with sharing basic ID information with a person. But reservations can arise when we’re asked to let a machine read our ID information. This is the reason that we developed Anyline to be a secure solution that can be trusted by businesses and customers.

Unlike a lot of mobile OCR solutions, Anyline processes all scan information on your device. None of your scan data is sent to the cloud for processing, where it can be intercepted before you even receive scan results on your phone. This makes it a secure solution for scanning ID cards and other forms of sensitive information.

Successful scans are stored on your device and can be uploaded to your backend via a secure connection when you’re ready to save your data. This method of data collection and transfer is much more secure than using cloud processing to get results with mobile OCR.

Alongside the cutout, Anyline will also provide you with haptic feedback to make sure you’re able to successfully complete your scans. This feedback lets you know if the camera is shaking, or if you need more light. This makes scanning as simple as possible.

Modern devices built for scanning text and codes often require specific training. This can be intimidating to members of the workforce that don’t have confidence with dedicated devices. Anyline works on almost all smartphones and has the feel of a mobile app. This means there is a much easier learning curve for your workforce to overcome.

More importantly, this ease of scanning means that you don’t need to waste time and resources training your workforce to use Anyline in your processes.

Mobile ID Scanning Provides You with Feedback

While mobile scanning technology will improve your data quality and give you a secure manner in which to handle ID data, scan events will also give you insights into workforce performance and user behavior.

Mobile scanning will easily allow you to see the volume of scans that your workforce is performing and where they’re performing these scans. This kind of data can be used to optimize your processes or find ways to save resources.

The benefit of this info is even greater if you’re introducing mobile scanning to replace a manual process such as typing or writing. Digitizing your processes like this can create a new layer of workforce data for you to contemplate.

Analyzing this data also lets you learn more about your customers. You can see where they used your service, when they wanted it and when customer demand was at it’s greatest. MRZ scanning with Anyline is also capable of providing you with all of the following user information:

  • All Given First Names
  • Check Digit for all Dates
  • Type of Document
  • Check Digit for Document Number
  • Person’s Gender
  • Final Check Digit for all Stored Information
  • Expiration Date of the Document
  • Date of Birth
  • Check Digit for the Date of Birth
  • Check Digit for the Expiration Date
  • Country Code
  • Surname

This info can be used to get a better picture of your user base. You can even use it to segment your users and target them differently.

Mobile ID Scanning Success Stories

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