How Swisscom Improves User Experience with Mobile Scanning

How Swisscom Improves User Experience with Mobile Scanning

Swisscom develops, produces, and markets network infrastructures and related services for the telecommunications, information technology, broadcasting, media, and entertainment industry.

Swisscom is one of the main providers of electronic signature applications in Switzerland and has had European-wide accreditation since July. This runs through their office in Vienna, Austria.

They wanted to create an app that made human identification and electronic signatures simple to manage. The Swisscom RA App simplifies and digitizes the identification process. This ID process results in the confirmed identification of a person, letting them sign documents with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).

Secure Passport & Mobile ID Scanning

The Swisscom RA App was designed with usability and security in mind. It’s a simple tool that enables the use of qualified electronic signatures according to standard rules and regulations. As security is a key concern for users of the app, it was important for Swisscom to implement strict security measures to protect the identity of users.

Anyline is the perfect tool to provide a secure ID scanning solution that could also digitize all the relevant information needed for the app. Swisscom RA collects the personal details of users from passports or IDs which are simple to digitize with Anyline’s mobile ID scanning solution. Once a user’s personal details are digitized, they must provide their telephone number to complete the registration process.

After a user has successfully registered themselves, they are able to take advantage of the app’s key functionality to perform electronic signatures. All signatures are verified via the use of TAN numbers that are sent to the phone number provided.

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Improved User Experience via Mobile Scanning

The benefit of mobile ID scanning allows for a much more efficient onboarding process for every user. There’s no need to type in personal details, making it faster and easier for customers to start using the app. And since mobile data scanning removed the process of manual data entry from the process, data quality and reliability are also greatly enhanced as common typing mistakes are no longer entered into the Swisscom backend system.

The feedback from users has been extremely positive. They are very happy with the new app design. The removal of typing makes the app much easier to use and provides a more rewarding experience for customers.


“Anyline is one of the easiest and safest ways for our customers to bring their ID information online. Thanks to Anyline, we were able to digitize the paper-based identification process in a simple way, capture errors were practically eliminated and efficiency was massively increased.”

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