Preventing Tire and Wheel Failures on Fleet Vehicles

Jonathan Stotts

Senior PR & Communications Manager

Apr 03, 2024

When companies merge cutting-edge hardware with modern software solutions, big things happen. Innovation in the fleet industry is happening rapidly as a direct result. Not only can this combination help to improve how a business earns revenue and grows value, but it also impacts safety and efficiencies overall. 

In a recent conversation with Michael Hartman, the Senior Director of Heavy-Duty Sales Vehicle Aftermarket in North America for SKF, we discussed the importance of preventing tire and wheel failures within fleets, using data as a supportive strategy in doing just that. 

The Future

Sharing a bit about what the company is doing, Michael states, “The big thing that we’re looking at now is advanced propulsion – powering with hydrogen and EV, creating lower friction products that are also sustainable solutions for the years to come. SKF has very ambitious goals and takes them very seriously when it comes to sustainability by 2030 … we’re going to be there for sure because that’s the environment that we want to personally live in and thrive.” 

With all this great data being created, it’s about putting that together, and that’s where the company is now, on the cusp of making the best use of this incredible amount of data.