4 technologies consumers want to see in last mile delivery

With an impressive growth of delivery volume, largely led by the pandemic and restriction towards traditional ways of shopping, the expectations of customers have evolved. Customer satisfaction and the quality of the relation between customers and companies becomes central. 

Bad experiences can lead to shoppers changing their online place of business: more than three quarters (76%) said that an unacceptable delivery experience would strongly or somewhat affect their decision to order from that company again

Technology can play a big part in improving and maintaining a good customer experience. But with many solutions out there, it might be difficult for companies to know what to prioritize. We asked online shoppers directly their perspectives on the technologies used in last mile delivery, and what they considered an improvement of their experience. 

2. Delivery redirection

When customers are not able to take receipt of a parcel, it can sit in a pickup center or post office for days. It leads to frustrations, especially if a same-day or next-day delivery option was selected. 

But sometimes, a simple redirection of the parcel could solve the problem. If you ordered to your home but will be working from the office on the day of delivery, choosing to be delivered there would put the parcel directly in your hands. Almost 9 in 10 said the ability to redirect deliveries would be useful, with 62% considering it very or extremely useful. Online shoppers want to be able to redirect a parcel or choose other delivery options, even after the order has been confirmed.


PUDO stands for Pick-Up / Drop-Off. PUDOs are automated locations where customers can pick-up parcels they ordered online, but they can also drop-off packages to send or for returns. The number of PUDOs in Europe is growing fast, and in mid-2021 there were more than 336,000 of these locations across the EU. 

PUDOs are also becoming a popular delivery option; more than ¾ (78%) found them at least somewhat useful. In the past, if you missed the delivery you had to wait in line in the post office or in a pick-up center to receive it. But with PUDOs, it becomes possible to retrieve a parcel at any time of the day or the night without having to wait or to interact with anyone. In Austria, it is possible to access the Austrian Post’s PUDOs 24/7 just by swiping a credit card. 

  • Generational divide – The majority of Silent Generation and Baby Boomer respondents did not find centralized lockers useful
  • Meanwhile Gen X and younger respondents disagreed: Almost half (49%) of Gen X, 52% of Millennials and 57% of Gen Z respondents considered lockers very or extremely useful
  • More than half of respondents (52%) living in urban areas said that receiving deliveries via centralized lockers would be extremely or very useful.


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