Technology is the Road Forward for Fleet Safety and Efficiency

Jonathan Stotts

Senior PR & Communications Manager

Feb 28, 2024

Technology continues to grow and expand, reaching deeper than ever into the fleet industry. That is a good thing as it brings ample tools to help facilitate the best possible efficiencies. In a recent conversation with Erin Gilchrist, the host of “Straight Talk on Fleet,” we discussed the importance and necessity of technology and how it fits into the advances in this industry. 

Making this move is exceptionally worth it. Erin states, “We’re seeing customers anywhere from 30% to 85% reduction in accidents, and that’s huge. And not only is it saving their organization a lot of money and increasing profitability, but it’s building driver retention and it’s actually putting them in a position to hire better drivers. It’s actually attracting employees.” 

A company that can offer a safety culture at its core is one that is going to be able to overcome the labor shortages. It’s critical to have bottom line goals, but it is also essential to fully understand the individual needs of employees, too.