Communication, Technology and Culture are Key to Growing Your Auto Service Business

Jonathan Stotts

Senior PR & Communications Manager

Feb 13, 2024

At the Auto Tech Show, a podcast dedicated to the evolution of technology and modern solutions in the automotive industry, the team sat down with Cecil Bullard, owner, and CEO of the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence, to discuss the relationship between advisors and technicians and how to leverage technology, communication, and culture to drive growth in auto servicing. 

Cecil and his company consult with automotive companies and operations to find ways to operate in more profitable, efficient, and robust methods to create the ideal situation for their future in the modern climate. Here are some key parts of our conversation that can shed light on how you can improve your own operation.

Cecil shares, “So communication culture is at the core of it all and then communicating that, allowing people to be a part of that. So sometimes, you know, having done this for many, many years, somebody goes, well, let’s try this. And you’re like, crap, yeah, we tried that like 17 years ago, and man, it fell on its face.” 

“And it’s the core, and it seems like that’s the gap that needs to still be closed for many. And we have so many people that are really good techs, but they don’t know how to communicate, they don’t know how to manage. And if they can learn that skill set and it doesn’t take away from being a good tech, it’s an added thing that would then make their shop so much more productive and profitable.”