Digitize Your Commercial Tire Management DOT Scanner

How to Digitize Your Commercial Tire Management Process

Every fleet manager knows the importance of effective tire management for commercial vehicle performance. Worn tires, loss of traction or even a slight loss in tire pressure can add up to significant losses after thousands of miles on the road.

But tracking the usage of individual tires throughout their lifecycle is a huge challenge. The primary reasons for this are the difficulty of identifying individual tires, and a reliance on manual data collection.

Mobile data capture now makes it possible for technicians and service partners to automate tire data collection by instantly scanning tire DOT numbers, commercial tire serial numbers, vehicle license plates and more. By integrating this technology into any standard smart device, tire manufacturers and their customers benefit from end-to-end tire traceability and can truly get the most out of every tire.

In this blog, we will explain:

  1. How to scan a tire with a smart device
  2. What are the benefits of commercial tire scanning?
  3. How to improve tire visibility in your supply chain
  4. Why tire sidewall scanning is easier to use than RFID chips
  5. How to measure the tire tread depth
  6. How to integrate commercial tire scanning into your app or website

6. How to integrate commercial tire scanning into your app or website

Mobile data capture for commercial tire management can be easily integrated into your current apps or websites, rather than requiring a new process to be built for them.  The Anyline SDK (software development kit) is natively developed for iOS, Android, and UWP, but supports also common integration frameworks such as Xamarin, Cordova and React Native.

What’s more, by choosing a vendor that offers on-device data processing, as opposed to server-side, your team will be able to scan data anywhere and at at any time, even when offline.

If you are looking for a single-vendor solution for collecting multiple data points for commercial tire management, you have a number of options.

  1. Download the demo app and test the technology yourself.
  2. Request a 30 day SDK free trial
  3. Get in Contact to discuss which solutions are right for you.