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How Online Tire Sales are Driving Innovation in the Automotive Industry

Christian Dale

Christian Dale

Product Marketing Manager at Anyline

Feb 27, 2023

In a digital world, it seems that consumers are now buying just about everything they want and need online. Whether that is an investment in a favorite snack or the investment in tires for their vehicle. While tires may not seem like the ideal online purchase, it’s now not only possible but tends to be an easier way of getting what is needed with ease.


Retailers Need to Facilitate the Process

Buying tires online is a process driven by ease but also by affordability. Finding lower prices on tires online is a very important way for many consumers to reduce what they are spending on this often large purchase. The bottom line is – consumers want to buy tires online to save money.

Retailers who want that business needs to make it possible for consumers to get those tires in the simplest manner possible to stand out from the competition. Tire retailers need to invest in developing an e-commerce platform that enables and supports this process. This process needs to:

  • Make it possible for consumers to shop and compare tire products on their website, including having significant information to use to make decisions about what to buy.
  • Create a simple way to find the right tires for their vehicles based on the car’s make and model without any concern for accuracy.
  • Create a way for consumers to turn that online tire purchase into an investment for their car by scheduling tire fittings and alignments once the tires arrive for installation.

All three of these areas are critical to getting it right, but it is also a new process for many tire retailers, who have always supported in-store purchases as a primary way of purchasing tires. Companies that want to stay competitive in the future must modernize this process.


The Innovative Solutions Are Available

Businesses looking to capitalize on the expanding e-commerce segment of the market must take into account the cutting-edge solutions that are currently available. This is critical. If consumers are not sure they are purchasing the right product or are unable to verify that the tires they are planning to buy are, in fact, the right fit for their needs, they will not make the purchase. However, there are now tools available to facilitate this process.

Anyline offers this solution. With a simple, highly effective app consumers can download right to their phone, it becomes possible to overcome one of the most common challenges of buying tires online: ensuring the right tire selection. Here’s how it works:

  1. The consumer finds your e-commerce site with great prices and services.
  2. They download an app that is linked to your site that allows them to get more information.
  3. They head outside, scan the VIN of their tire, and get the right sized tires for their needs.
  4. They complete the transaction process online, purchasing the right tires.
  5. Your or another service installs them for the driver.

By using Anyline’s mobile tire size scanner, you can quickly and easily give customers the confidence they need to make an investment in tires for their cars. Unlike other purchases, consumers will not just take a chance. They need the confidence to know that they are buying the best product for them.

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