Anyline Insights – Moving from Capture to Intelligence

The Importance of Data Intelligence

Christian Plaichner


Dec 07, 2023

Anyline is known as a world leader in mobile data capture, enabling all types of organizations to accurately capture and digitize data. Now, with the launch of the Anyline Insights data intelligence platform, we are taking the next step to help our customers unlock even more value from the data they capture. Anyline Insights will help to transform industries that have struggled to innovate due to lack of accurate real-time information. Companies in these industries are losing out on $1.8 trillion in revenue to insights-driven businesses according to Forrester, simply because they are not equipped to make data driven decisions.  

The time is now 

The examples above are just a fraction of what can be achieved with Anyline Insights. The really exciting thing is that the possibilities are endless, and we’re only just getting started. Already we are working with some of our biggest customers to help solve their challenges using AI-enabled analytics. Now, with the official launch of Anyline Tire & Vehicle Analytics, we are looking forward to exploring more use cases and providing truly transformative solutions for the automotive industry. 

If you’re interested in seeing how Anyline Insights can deliver value for you, get in touch with us today!