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The features and benefits of a code 128 barcode scanner

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Jan 20, 2022

Code 128 Barcodes are one dimensional barcode symbols that are commonly used to identify products, inventory and other important assets all throughout the shipping and distribution cycle. A Code 128 barcode scanner is the best solution to read them.

They are commonly used in logistics to transport goods across the globe, and they’re particularly useful with marking shipping containers for both distribution and warehousing. They’re equal parts reliable and flexible, which is what makes them valuable in a wide array of different contexts.
Organizations have a need to read these barcodes quickly and accurately in order to streamline their delivery processes. Integrating a mobile scanning functionality for Code 128 barcodes can greatly help in that regard.

Integrating Anyline’s Barcode Scanner

Ultimately, the process of integrating Anyline’s mobile data capture solution into your existing operations couldn’t be more straightforward. It works with any mobile device that has a camera. It’s also built to work in adverse conditions, like situations where low light levels may be present or when you may be experiencing poor weather conditions. It works without Internet connectivity as well.

Delivery companies will no doubt be pleased to note that the barcode scanning SDK can be integrated into their existing processes, thus removing the need for employees at all steps of the supply chain to manage multiple devices in their duties. All of this is possible through software that is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 10 and more. It supports cross-platform integration frameworks like Xamarin, React-Native and Cordova.

Not only that, but it can also be leveraged with a web-based solution thanks to the AnylineJS, too. For more information on integrating Anyline barcode scanning, contact us today.

Case Study: How CargoSnap tracks deliveries with Anyline barcode and container number scanning

CargoSnap provides its customers with location and status updates regarding products during supply chain execution. They achieve this by sharing photos of cargo at different points during logistic processes. That has been made possible by integrating Anyline barcode scanner, including code 128 barcodes, to their software.

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