How CargoSnap Enhanced Customer Experience with Mobile Scanning

How CargoSnap Enhanced Customer Experience with Mobile Scanning

CargoSnap lets you take photos or scan freight documents & send them straight to your secure dashboard with mobile data capture from Anyline.

CargoSnap lets you scan container identification numbers and freight documents to send it straight to your secure CargoSnap dashboard, import it into a report or deliver it to your mailbox.

For CargoSnap, features like offline scanning, scanning in low-light conditions, and ease-of-use were all critical in choosing Anyline. These features are valued across the industry and have helped Anyline to be recognized as a solution leader in this field.

The Vision

CargoSnap provides its customers with location and status updates regarding products during supply chain execution. They achieve this by sharing photos of cargo at different points during logistic processes. This helps their clients to identify problem areas in their supply chain and find solutions. In addition, this customer-and-service oriented way of working helps their clients to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Both Anyline and CargoSnap were able to benefit from partnering together and gaining new understandings of supply chain execution. As a functional expert in their field, CargoSnap were able to give us valuable insight regarding requirements in the logistics industry. Together, Anyline and CargoSnap were able to create a container scanning solution that catered to the specific needs of our customers.

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